10 Best Amazfit GTR & GTS Watch Faces

The Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS both come with a superior display and the sharp screen to look perfect in the day sunlight. The Amazfit GTS carries with 341 PPI pixel density & AMOLED screen, which is the industry’s best display smartwatch in the running year. To match the display with other features, the Huami has offered the best watch faces for an Amazfit GTS smartwatch. You will get the informative, analog, digital, stylish and many other watches face on the new watch. The pre-loaded themes are free to use and some third-party developers have launched their themes for the GTS.

The circular Amazfit GTR is also offering the best kind of watch faces for the cost of nothing. To make the mood and for different occasions, you can use different faces. The library is not huge compared to Apple Watch Series 5 or Galaxy Watch Active 2, but it is enough to steal the show. To install the watch faces you need an Amazfit app. You can download it from the Play Store or App Store. Open the app to download & sync themes. Below are the 10 best Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS watch faces.

Best Amazfit GTR Watch Faces

1. Rainbow Circle

Best GTR Watch Faces

Our first theme, Rainbow Circle, profiles an excellent look to the wearable by giving primary information on the first screen. It shows burned calories, battery percentage, today’s walked steps and your current heart rate with real-time analysis. You can see the time, but you won’t know the date & day using this, which is its only drawback.

2. Camouflage

Need everything on the main screen with a sporty look? Then Camouflage is the best watch face. The stylish sporty look makes it sharper and the main info like calories, steps, heartbeats, and battery data are also present. It shows time & date in digital format. Search for the Camouflage in the Aamzfit app and sync it on the Aamzfit GTR.

3. Orange machinery

Best GTR Watch Faces

To increase the view of your smartwatch, the Orange Machinery is the best theme that you should consider. It builds with black color with orange coated details give you a nice feel. It shows steps, power, heart rate & date on the screen.

4. Rock

Now come to the entertainment watch faces. The rock is such an app to give filmy design to the Amazfit GTR. The flash sign, guitars and the beautifully created piggy are here with other details. For the different look, get the Rock theme on the watch.

5. Military Camouflage

Best GTR Watch Faces

For the informative watch face. You can sync Military Camouflage on the new Amazfit GTR smartwatch. The Military camouflage gives the details of time, day, date, heart rate, burned calories, walked steps & distance and weather information. It is the recommended watch for your 42mm & 47mm wearable.

Download: Get all GTR watch faces from Amazfitwatchfaces

Best Amazfit GTS watch faces

6. Nike

Amazfit GTS is known for clown of Apple Watch Series 4, so to match with it you can get the Nike skin. The Nike skin doesn’t have too many details to provide you, but it is only for show off. If you like to customize it with third-party faces then get it and apply it on the watch.

7. Rolex

Another copy for famous brand Rolex. To give the feel of premium Rolex watch to the Amazfit GTS watch then get it from the Amazfitwatchfaces website. On the main screen, you will see a date, time, day, heart rate, burned calories and battery percentage. The beautiful logo of the Rolex company is presented on the upper side that gives a premium feel.

8. Mickey Mouse

The Mickey Mouse fans can get it from the third-party teams that build this skin for Amazfit GTS. It is also a look-a-like theme of popular Mickey Mouse skin of Apple Watches. Apple has also presented it in its events for many times so you can get it.

9. Butterfly Dance

The watch face doesn’t value anything on the GTS instead of its charming nature. The beautiful Butterfly Dance skin has created to provide simple information on the screen and make it more room for the animation. If you like such faces then download the Butterfly Dance from the Amazfit app.

10. Pure Gold

I like Pure Gold watch face on my Amazfit GTS. It gives a premium look to the smartwatch by its unique design. It is simple to show off and provides day, time, date & daily steps on the front screen. You can download & install the Pure Gold from the Amazfit or Amazfitwatchfaces website for free.

Download: Get all GTS watch faces from Amazfitwatchfaces

Both Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS doesn’t allow you to save many watch faces on the smartwatch. There is a limit due to a lack of memory space to store the data required for these watch faces. You can download the faces using the Amazfit app and then sync it on the Amazfit GTR & GTS. These are our top 10 Amazfit GTR & Amazfit GTS watch faces. You can recommend your best watch faces in the comment section.