Top 10 Games for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5

New Apple Watch Series 4 & the newly launched Watch Series 5 are the innovative smartwatches with all the latest technology and the biggest display. The company has launched Watch Series 4 with its iPhone XS & XS Max smartphones & Series 5 with iPhone 11 series. The watches come with the latest software Watch OS 5 that makes the watch more useful and reliable. Apple introduced smartwatches in two different size variants of 40mm and 44mm & they have a 30% bigger display. Also, both have the digital crown with haptic feedback. With the biggest display, now both are more convenient to have the experience of playing the game on the smartwatches.

Many game developers have an orientation towards building games that are compatible with the new Apple Watch Series 4 & series 5. These Apple wearables run on the strongest Apple S4 & S5 dual-core processors. The other features that make them suitable platforms for playing games are its massive internal storage of 16GB, efficient and long-lasting battery life, and many others. Though you will not get the console gaming experience, you will get the best experience. Here we are giving you the list of < durable>top 10 best games for Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 smartwatches.

Apple Watch Games

1. Lifeline

It is the story of survival and perseverance overcoming all the odds. Your own decisions build the story as you are helping Taylor, who relies on you to survive. Taylor is the member of the crew, and he might be the last person surviving, here you both have to decide to keep him alive. Here you will get the unique real-time experience as Taylor is taking effort to survive.

2. Rules

Rules game helps you to do daily brain workout in free time, and the app is specially designed to provide fun with animated stickers. Rules are the puzzle game that is cute and colorful, and it contains ten stages. The interesting to know about is that you can track and record your daily progress through the watch.

3. Sonic Dash 2

The game is a successor in the sequel to the endless runner. It provides a platform with new and advanced features of the 3D world and the new gameplay. In the new play mode, you can arrange a team of three players and races. You can unlock new challenges and earn special prizes after covering the specified distance. Compete with the world and know your position with the help of the leader board.

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4. Snappy World

It’s a word game, and all you have to do is find the hidden word by linking the letters. In the gameplay, you will get four letters, and you have to find a meaningful word by tapping them. The time limit for this task is 30 seconds, in which you can make as many words as you can. It is a simple and beautiful game, and it helps to train your brain perfectly. Play it on your new Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5.

5. Trivia Crack

You will check your GK, and you have the chance to enjoy it on the Apple watch. You have to spin the wheel to get access to the vast world of questions that categorized into various fields, including art, science, entertainment, and geography. You can play this game with the opponent randomly selected across the world and compete. Hundreds and thousands of new questions let you deeply involved in the game with challenging your smartness. It also offers some in-app purchases.

6. Runeblade

The RPG fan can have the gameplay now on their wrist, and it has high graphics and fine visual effects. It is the fantasy adventure game for the Apple Watch, and it offers perfect gameplay. It has a plethora of features that fascinates the RPG lovers, such as enchanted runes and magical artifacts along with others. Here you will have 2000 levels of game design that optimized for Apple watch.

7. Nuggetz

Nuggetz has designed games with easy gameplay; this is the reaction game for the Apple Watch. It’s a straightforward game where you have to name the color of the word in which it was written and not the word itself. You can play it without pairing your iPhone to the watch. Though it sounds easier to play the game, it’s quite challenging as once you select the wrong answer, the game is over.

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8. Cosmos Ring

It is the first Apple watch exclusive RPG. Here you have to act as the savior of the god as she is gone. The path to save the goddess is not easy in this dark and timeless world. In this battle, use your powerful skills and upgrade your weapons to make sure the victory. With its adventurous features, the game offers you rewards, and you can ensure your progress in the battle.

9. Pocket Bandit

In this gameplay, you are a thief who is always on a mission of the next robbery of gold, gemstone, or the secret files. Each successful steal will give you a treasure, and there are more than 100 bandits. You can use the digital crown to move the cursor, and when you are on a good number, your watch starts to vibrate. Download it on your latest Apple Watch.

10. Twisty Color

The digital crown of the Apple Watch enables you to play this game. As the screen of the watch is small and frequent, tapping is not the better choice; the digital crown can be better used to rotate the twister. This game will give you the joy of improved gaming experience. Here you have to collect as many balls as possible and compete in the global game center. It is a simple and addictive game with an improved experience.

It is the list of top 10 best games for the Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 wearables. It is unfair to compare these games with iPhone & iPad games or other Android mobile games. All the games on the list are simple but effective and give you the joy if gaming on your wrist.