Best Apple Watch Series 4 Apps (2020)

Apple has introduced its latest Apple Watch Series 4 with some advanced features, which fundamentally redesigned with more advanced tools that will help you stay active and connected. It was released alongside with iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max & iPhone XR smartphones. The Apple Watch is the main rival of Samsung Galaxy Watch and Android Wear OS. This watch has introduced with the largest display with a new electrical heart sensor. The latest series provided the option of 40mm and 44mm for the customers; that is, users can now have a bigger screen compared to the previous set of watches.

The exciting feature of this new watch series is that it runs on the latest Watch OS 5, which improved for various tracking activities. It is compatible with monitoring our health with all its updated tracking systems and heart rate notification function. Features like AI and Gyroscope sensors that equipped to detect all motions inside the watch to help you in an emergency make it the more reliable smart wearable.

The new ECG function of the watch monitors your heart rate and alert you about the potential health issues. The massive internal storage capacity of 16GB allows you to use the various apps on the watch. Here we are giving you a list of top 15 best apps for the new Apple Watch Series 4 wearable.

Apple Watch Series 4 Apps

1. Spotify

Spotify is the best music streaming app for all platforms. Now the app is available on Apple Watch Series. This app will serve you millions of songs from different languages with a wide selection. You can listen your favorite songs and also can take them offline. The Spotify app comes with two models, first is free where you can listen to any songs, but they will show you ads in between the tracks. The other is a premium membership, where you can skip ads and listen to your favorite songs without any disturbance.

2. Uber

If you have Uber in your Apple Watch, then you will find it a bit simple to book a ride from your watch without practically using a smartphone. Uber provides the option of a safe, reliable, and secure ride anytime in just a few minutes. You will get all the notifications related to your ride on the watch like estimated arrival time of the driver to your location, estimated cash to pay for the concerned ride, and all other information on your wrist.

3. Lens for Instagram

Instagram on Apple Watch

Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps used by millions of people. Like Facebook, the direct notifications from Instagram to your wrist will widen your access to the activities of your friends. You will get the notifications about the latest uploads of your friends and respond and comment on them with the option restricted to emoji only. Being interactive with your friends is the easy option now and stay connected with them through your response to their posts and photos on Instagram with just the tap of your watch. To use the Lens for Instagram, you must pair your watch with your smartphone.

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4. Twitter Trends

Stay connected with Twitter and know the top news and what the world is talking about the particular issue, thanks to the redesigned Twitter Trends, which is compatible with the display of Apple Watch Series 4 device. You will get access to top news from across the world in your newsfeed just by scrolling the digital crown of the watch. You can compose your tweets on the watch using dictations. Know the opinion of your favorite leader, actor, or influential person on the trending topic from your watch.

5. Nest

The nest is the app that uses thermostats that program themselves to help you in various ways. Now with the access to notifications in your watch, control your Nest thermostat from your wrist. It has option to change the setting and change temperature. Also, it Adjusts the temperature according to your needs and gets alerts about extreme temperatures.

6. Camera Plus

It is one of the most popular third-party camera apps that is best suited for the demands of excellent photography with various effects and filters. You can use the app as with the Apple watch support and capture photos and videos of your choice. You have the simple choice to use the app effectively for the various dimensions of photography, like using it for capturing photos using rear and front camera and set timer. Do all this with the help of the watch on your wrist.

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7. Runtastic

It is the running app and fitness tracker and has all the features that are needed to monitor your running activity effectively. For using this app, you will need your iPhone with you and get all the information you needed on your watch display. The app monitors your running activity and displays all the details related to it on your wrist, like speed, time, distance, pace, and calories burned. It’s now a simple state of matter to know all these things without any interruptions in your running.

8. Evernote

Apple Watch Apps

Evernote is the app that helps you to remain organized with your ideas and thoughts being written and noted with the help of the app. Evernote is best business app in the iOS App Store & Android Play Store with millions of downloads. The app is more powerful than Apple’s notes, and you will have a better experience by downloading this app.

The Apple Watch Series 4 lets you have access to all the important notes, reminders, and agendas that you have mentioned in the Evernote. Access your checklist, to-do list, and all other things which matter you directly through your smart wearable.

9. iTranslate

If you come across the language which is unknown to you and find it difficult to understand it, then you have the choice of iTranslate app. It is simple and handy to use in multiple ways to convert the sentence from one language to another language. Download the app on your Apple Watch Series 4 and find a way to translate any language to your default language. The app will allow you to understand the meaning of the sentences in other languages easily.

10. Nike+ Run Club

Nike+ Run Club is the running app that is built with several advanced features to monitor your running. With the advanced tracking features of the Apple Watch, the app provides a better deal for the users with the version available for the smart wearables. This app will provide you with several benefits like running guidance, free coaching, and monitors your progress, along with many other features. Apple also releases special editions of Apple watch Nike+ Run Club.

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11. Microsoft Translator

Sometimes you come across the person or region with different languages. At the time, translation is essential to forward communication. The Apple Watch Series 4 on your wrist, coupled with the Microsoft Translator app, let you make it convenient to translate.

The app supports translation from more than 50 different languages that includes Spanish, French and Italian etc. With the help of this app it becomes easy to communicate with the people from different languages. You can download it from Apple Store and it is free to download.

12. Strava

Apple Watch Apps

Strava is the fitness-centric app with all essential fitness features that allows you to stay updated about your fitness. The app lets you track multiple activities, including walk, run, and cycling as well as all workout sessions. It is the content-rich app for various indoor and outdoor activities. These features of the app let you workout from home, saving the need for any fitness trainer.

The app provides you the highly accurate stat related to health and fitness directly at your wrist. You can set daily and monthly goals as well as analyze your daily progress with the app. The inbuilt GPS helps you to show routes and maps for outdoor activities.

13. Sleep++

As the name of the app suggests, it is a wholly dedicated app to track your sleep pattern. As sleep is an important aspect of health, the Sleep++ app will enable you to monitor your sleep stages and sleeping pattern effectively. The app displays all the sleep-related stats at your wrist, which includes separation of main sleep stages, quality of sleep, etc.

It also shows whether you slept adequately or were restless. This crucial data can be helpful to analyze sleep pattern and put into effect further course of action to ensure quality sleep.

14. Shazam

Apple Watch Series 4 Apps

Shazam identifies the music playing on your iPhone and displays it at the wrist. The app installed in Apple Watch Series 4 uses the iPhone and lets you listen to which music is playing and shows everything at the wrist. In short, this will perform as a portable display on your wrist as the watch displays the name of the song, artist, and lyrics automatically. It becomes easy to identify and get music played directly from the wrist.

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15. Pandora

Pandora is the excellent offline music streaming platform that enables you to play music at your wrist. Premium subscribers of the app can play music at their watch without an internet connection. It means now you don’t need an iPhone to play music every time, you can easily play your favorite playlist without much effort directly from the wrist.

The thumbs up button let you like your favorite songs. Save your efforts and play the preferred song from your watch, thanks to the platform. In the recent update, pandora has become a standalone app that no longer requires the iPhone to play songs.

It is the list of top 15 recommended and highly useful apps for the latest Apple Watch Series 4. To download all these apps, go to iTunes iOS App Store and install them on new Apple Series 4 smartwatch. All the apps perform well in this redesigned and re-engineered model of the Apple Watch.

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