Best Messaging Apps For Android Wear OS

In the era of smart technology and services, smartphones are common to use. Now it is the time to leave your phone in pocket and use smart wearable gadgets like Android watches and smart bands. We have a wide range of smart wearables of many brands like Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung and apple. Though we have to go far to achieve some levels in the wearable market. Most of the part have done by some major players like fitness apps, beautiful watch faces and listening music on the go. Still, there are some areas where smartwatches & fitness trackers lack in technology. Like good quality apps WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube are not available on wearables.

The best messaging apps are the ones which are now growing in numbers on wearables so we don’t need smartphones to chat with friends. To make it easy I am listing here some best messaging apps to get any messages and reply to them right from the smartwatch. All the apps available for Android Wear OS smartwatches including new Huawei Watches, Fitbit Versa, Xiaomi Amazefit, Garmin Vivosmart 4 and Fossil smartwatches.

1. Skype

Skype on Wear OS

Till now we don’t hear that anyone is tried to do video call by smart watch but now Skype is supporting Android Wear OS as a messaging app. To use it, you have to do log in into your Skype app on your phone then you can quick replies using your watch. Quick replies are quite possible because it can be in form of emojis, stickers, canned responses or it can be handled by voice commands. It is very easy to use, has clean surface and free to download.

2. Evolve SMS

Evolve SMS is available in app list, it will show you current and active conversations. It will show you expanded notification of a new text message and replies but you can send replies only by giving voice commands. No emoji’s or stickers are available to send as a reply. If you want some features for your app like themes or backup then you have to have them by doing in-app purchasing. It comes with all the messaging app features for smartphones but for smartwatches, it has some barricades.

3. Facebook Messenger

Messenger on Wear OSAs we all know Facebook Messenger is a supporting application of the main Facebook. Android Wear OS watch is giving you the full permission to use this messaging app just giving voice commands or by drawing an emoji. Now you are able to see full text previews on wrist as like phone and can respond them immediately. You have to connect both the device to internet and have to start app on phone so you will get access on watch.

4. Coffee

It is specially designed for Android smart watches so no doubt it is very interesting. This app has so many quick replies configured in advance to help you. When you get a new text notification, the app will sort all the pre-configured messages into categories of similar situations. With selecting appropriate messages, it will help you to create your reply into text in few seconds. If you want to create a new conversation then just open the app, select a contact from list and start your conversation. You can use this amazing app in your watch by downloading for free.

5. WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp is one of the most used and famous messaging applications, worldwide more than 1 billion public installed it by using play store. You can handle it only by voice recognitions, no other fancy options given in the app to create quick replies. Everyone knows everything about WhatsApp so there is no need to tell you how to use it. The app is not available in store but there is a way you can use it. Read our article how to use WhatsApp on Android Wear OS to get messages.

6. Wear Messenger

Typing on a small circular screen is really very hard but Wear Messenger is giving you the experience of keyboard typing on a tiny screen. This app is designed only for wearables, it has several keyboard options to create new replies for your active conversation. To use keyboard on watch firstly you have to change settings of your phone. Go to settings- select enable the keyboard in phone option, then you can use it on watch by toggling keyboard settings. Typing on watch screen is not that much fast but it is feasible to send short messages.

7. Telegram

Telegram on Wear OS

Telegram features works as like as WhatsApp Messenger app. It is free to download; open source and it has data-based replacements for texts. Full text preview is also supported to this Android wear client. You can send replies via drawing some emojis or by giving voice directions to your smart watch instead of keyboard typing.

8. Google Messenger

Google Messenger also works like other messaging applications supported to Android wear but it is much better than others. It doesn’t have full functionality supported to wearable use but it gives you the hand to get expanded conversation notifications view and permission to send replies via voice directions and quick response texts. You are able to see even an MMS image preview in Google Messenger on your smart wrist watch.

The all Android Wear OS smartwatches support messaging apps. The new era is going to start when we will solely use wearables to make communication with our friends & family or for business purpose. To download the app head to Wear OS by Google section in Play Store categories. When you hit install on smartphone then it will automatically sync on your smartwatch. The other way is to use Play Store directly from your Android Wear OS smartwatch.