Best Apps for Fossil Gen 5 & Gen 6

Even though the market for Wear OS smartwatches is going through fierce competition, some developers bringing their best apps for these watches, which is the reason, also Samsung & Fitbit has much success in the wearable market. You will see lots of essential apps in the Wear OS store. After when Huawei abandon Android’s Wear OS platform for its Huawei watch lineup, only a few players are making Wear OS watches including Samsung. Fossil, Mobvoi & Misfit are the most significant companies that have launched the best Wear OS smartwatches. The recently launched Fossil Gen 6, Mobvoi Ticwatch 3 Pro & 4G LTE are doing their best to grab the customers.

If you are an Android Wear customer, then Google has a vast library of apps to fulfill your demands. The main goal of smartwatches is to replace your smartphone with some percentages & keep fit & elegant. The Play Store of Wear OS has apps from all categories, and Google has released most of its apps on this platform. Shortly, you may see your favorite apps in the app store of your Android smartwatch. Till then, use these best apps for Fossil Gen 5 & Gen 6 smartwatches.

1. Google Fit

Best Wear OS Apps

It is Google’s fitness app for Wear OS smartwatches. It helps you stay healthy by giving you advice based on your health and workout routines. Google Fit works with the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the American Heart Association (AHA) to motivate people about their fitness. It tracks workout habits and monitors daily goals to achieve fitness levels. Use Google Fit on your smartwatch and then sync the data with the smartphone.

2. Line

Only the messenger app ever launched on any smartwatch. Facebook Messenger is not available in the store since the beginning when it began on the Apple Watch series. Facebook developers never introduced curated WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook on Wear OS, but you can use Line. Send & receive messages from the smartwatch. You can also reply or delete them. You may not get all the features of its phone version, but it is a perfect app for users who want to keep their phones away.

3. Strava

Another big name in the health industry or you can say it is the most popular fitness app for all users out there. It also has been recognized as the best-running app in 2019 for the awareness of its users. It motivates you to stay healthy by giving you many challenges.

Get the data about running, swimming, walking, cycling, and hiking, and also record your routes and maps. Always provides accurate data about pace, distance, speed, and calories burned. The Strava is in one pack for sportspersons or for people who need to done workout.

4. Facer

Best Wear OS Apps

Facer will help you create the watch faces for the smartwatch as per requirements. It is a leading platform in the industry to create beautiful watch faces. It also supports Samsung smartwatches & Apple Watches. Also, you can download free as well as paid themes for the watch. Get the app and install it on your Fossil, Mobvoi, or Misfit wearables.

5. AccuWeather

Here is the most accurate weather app for your Fossil Gen 5 or Fossil Gen 6 smartwatch. It provides you with weather forecasts on the tiny screen. You can get the local forecast minute-by-minute in real time. Also, the AccuWeather app will alert you about the upcoming heavy snow, winter wind, and many more. The app also has today’s temperature and the world’s 15 days of advanced weather information in detail. Install the AccuWeather app to stay updated.

6. Uber (Removed)

Online taxi-serving app Uber is here on Wear OS for quite a long time. It is helping many people to book their cabs by giving them a ride to their destinations. Open the app and tell where you want to go and the app will track your current location to pick you up. It is a compatible app so you need to install the Uber app on your smartphone. The smartwatch version of Uber will cut off some features but is mostly useful with the necessary functions.

7. Spotify

The world’s most extensive library of songs is on the Spotify app. You can stream all of your favorite songs on Spotify without any disruptions. Get the paid service from Spotify to use it without any ads or for the price of free use with some ads. You can stream the vast audio songs in English and other native languages. You can search for any song by genre, singer name, album, or movie name. The app is the best rival to the Pandora & Amazon Music apps.

8. Telegram (Removed)

Best Wear OS Apps

For social sharing fans, the Telegram app is available for Fossil, Mobvoi & Misfit smartwatches. You need to wait for Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat, and many other social media apps. Until then, you can connect with your friends using Telegram. More than 200 million active users are using Telegram across the globe. Telegram is well known as one of the most secure messaging apps in the market.

The list will go on for the best apps for Fossil Gen 5 & Gen 6 watches. These apps are available for all these smartwatches and come free of cost. The Wear OS market is growing in some markets and many developers are making their creative apps for the platform. In the coming months, we can see more apps in the Android Play Store for Wear OS.