Galaxy Watch 4 Getting New Firmware to Address the Brick Issue

In the recent firmware update, Samsung almost bricked all its Galaxy Watch 4 units with faulty software. The users in South Korea are now receiving the fixed version of firmware that they can install safely. Still, the company warns users to back up their Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic in case of another damage. The new firmware ends with VK4 and rolls out for Galaxy Watch series users sequentially.

After getting complaints from thousands of users, Samsung later halted the update with a date to fix the issue. It was causing a battery discharge issue with the device that let it turn off completely. It makes the device useless due to continuous shutdown.

The damage was so bad Samsung asked users to submit their watches to the Samsung service center. The company then diagnosed the problem by removing a corrupted piece of code. Now, all the users can download the new version to fix it.

New Galaxy Watch 4 Brick Update

According to the report, the update is not available for all Galaxy Watch 4 users, not even in the home country as per findings. It first wants to make sure the updated software is working fine, and there is no issue left.

The new firmware version is now available to install in South Korea. If you want to go with the latest version, then open the Galaxy Wearable app, and get it. Note that, before downloading the new update, you must take a backup of your smartwatch in a safe place.