Using Spotify App on Wear OS

Spotify has the largest number of music songs from many languages and is also the most active user numbers. In the wearable market, Spotify has launched an official app on the Apple Watch, Fitbit Watch, Garmin Watch & Galaxy Watch, and also it is available in Wear OS. Google’s one of the oldest wearable OS in recent years has failed to grab more customers. It is the reason, most of the companies go to Apple but not Wear OS by Google. It may turn soon as Samsung & Fitbit have joined the Wear OS force to steal customers from Apple & other companies.

Luckily, Spotify has learned customers and very soon launched an official app for the Wear OS watches. It will be a great pleasure to listen to Spotify songs on Fossil gen 5, Oppo Watch, TicWatch Pro 3, TicWatch E3 & Suunto 7 watches. On the Wear OS, Spotify allows you to play any kind of song from different categories. You can select your favorite languages, actors, musicians, singers, and genres. In the premium features, you can also avoid ads and listen to those songs in offline mode. It is the reason, you better learn how to use the Spotify app on Wear OS smartwatches.

Spotify on Wear OS

Spotify on Wear OS

1. Open your smartwatch or smartphone

2. Go to Play Store

3. Search Spotify app

4. Download & install the Spotify app

5. On your phone, tablet or computer open the link

6. It will send the verification code

7. Enter the code which you have received on the watch

8. Now, you can play any songs

9. To control the Spotify app, open the music control function

10. This way, you can also control Spotify songs on your smartphone

In the premium plan, it let you download and listen to any songs, podcasts, or other items on your smartwatch. These features are now yet available on Wear OS watches, so wait for them.