15 Best Huawei Watch Apps 2019

Huawei is the main source to produce quality smartwatches & fitness trackers into the wearable market. Its first smartwatch was known as best Android smartwatch at that time & later it had launched Watch 2 & Watch 2 Pro. Now company has shifted its focus from Android Wear OS smartwatches to its own homegrown wearable OS, same as Samsung did with Tizen OS. The latest Huawei Watch GT & Watch Magic is the entry to the its own wearable OS. I am not sure how many apps or watch faces supports on new OS compare to Wear OS.

Currently, in the market Huawei Watch, Huawei Watch 2 & Watch 2 Pro are running on new Wear OS 2.1 version with huge library of apps & watch faces. After Apple ecosystem, Android Play Store has loads of apps, games & watch faces for smartwatches in every need. It loaded with fitness apps to productivity as well as music & messaging apps. Let’s see such 15 best Huawei Watch apps in 2019.

1. Google Keep

Best Huawei Watch Apps

Google Keep let you save your ideas, thoughts and other important things so that you get easy access with them later. You can save notes in the form of voice memo, photos and documents and find them easily when you need. All the notes saved on the app are synced across all your devices so that its easy for you to have access with them at the right time or place.

2. Tinder

Tinder is one popular platform across the world to find new friends, date with them and make relationship. Here you can meet with new people, expand your social contacts and make your dates match with them. This is simple and user-friendly app that you can use to interact with the largest community of singles and enhance your engagement. You can also switch to Tinder Gold for more advanced features such as Super Likes & Boosts etc. It’s great that developers released it on Android Wear OS smartwatches. You can download it on Huawei Watches thorough Play Store.

3. Runtastic

The app let you track your running activity as well as displays all the stat related to track distance, time, speed, elevation and calories burned on your Huawei watch. Runtastic provides you the perfect training programme for your running activities directly on your wrist and monitor your statistics to analyse your training programme. Set your daily and monthly goals and track all activities right from the watch.

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4. Seven-7 Minutes Workout

As the name of the app suggests it aims to give optimum benefits of the daily workouts. The app works on scientific studies and let you gain maximum from your workouts and ensure fitness with just few minutes daily workout. Seven encourage you to build habit of workout from anywhere and anytime without any equipment. It offers more than 200 exercises and workout plans designed to adapt your fitness level and ensure you the maximum benefit right from your wrist.

5. Watchmaker Watch Faces

Best Huawei Watch Apps

Watchmaker Watch Faces app let you create your own personalized and innovative watch faces for your Huawei watch. This app supports more than 60000 watch faces and has largest collection of watch faces with unique and incredible design to match your needs. It offers hundreds of new faces every week and supports round and square designs. This is paid service and once you unlocked it you get access with vast collection of stunning creations same as Facer premium services.

6. Music Player for Wear

This is offline music player on your wrist as well as file manager and gallery. You can manage your files on your watch and also move any type of files or folder from your phone to Huawei Watch. It performs as music player on your wrist as stores and restores track position and perfect for audiobooks and podcasts. The app also works as gallery on your watch as you can see images with zoom in and zoom out. Excellent app that let you manage several things from the watch. It supports on Huawei Watch 2 & Watch 2 Pro 2018 & 2019 versions.

7. Calculator

While you have some difficulties to perform calculations, this simple app helps you to do that from your Huawei smartwatch. The app let you perform basic as well as advanced calculations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. With the app you can also perform advanced scientific operations such as trigonometric, logarithmic and exponential functions. With this user-friendly app do all calculations with confidence and become the expert.

8. The Washington Post

It let you have insight on every story and news from national and international arena at your wrist and stay informed. The app allows you have fresh perspective on the world from post bloggers. Washington Post let you stay tuned with award winning national and international news along with complete local news coverage. This app is convenient to use from the smartwatch and stay aware with whatever happening around you.

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9. Nest

Best Huawei Watch Apps

The Nest app let you take complete control of your home at your wrist and manage things thoughtfully and smartly. From your Huawei smartwatch you can manage things like set alarms, turn off heating, turn on camera that set to see your home and do more things with the help of this app. Nest protect features makes you alert about the smoke and carbon monoxide as well as see the status of your battery, sensors and Wi-Fi connections.

10. American Airlines

American Airlines app covers all the information related to your flight and more at your wrist. With the app you can check for boarding pass, flight updates, interactive terminal maps to navigate to airport and more other features. You can also select your seat right from your Android smartwatch and track your bag as well as save your reservation.

11. Accuweather

Accuweather app let you get latest weather forecast with superior accuracy at your new watch. While planning for picnic or any visit we always rely on weather, the app makes it easy to check weather forecast directly from the wrist. The app let you know today’s temperature in details, serve you severe weather warnings to keep you safe from any dangerous weather event and make local forecast and even holiday weather. It shows real-time weather forecast of every minute and you can personalize local forecast according to your locality.

12. Keep Trainer – Home Workout Trainer

It is beneficial for those who perform daily exercise from home, as the app has all essential features that guide for perfect workout training. Keep Trainer app gives you access to more than 400 exercises at your wrist to transform your body and make healthy. This app provides fitness training programs by the experts in the form of voice guidance, animations and detailed descriptions along with professional video guidance. It also has personalized training programs, workout for all levels and detailed guidance.

13. Camera Remote

As the name of the app suggests the app let you manage the camera of your smartphone right from your wrist. Camera Remote will allow you to take photos and videos from your phone with your Huawei watch. With the help of the app you can adjust between zoom, exposure, flash and switch between main camera and selfie camera. Take photos with timer and capture photos and videos without opening home screen of your phone.

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14. Ultimate Alexa

Best Huawei Watch Apps

This is the voice assistant service provided by Amazon, it uses your voice command to do the activities. Ultimate Alexa let you manage to-do and shopping lists, hear and see weather forecast, news headlines and more things from your digital watch. It let you control smart home devices from your wrist as well as give you access to local information including business, movies, restaurants and more. Your voice command give you access to news, weather, sports, fun and games at your Huawei Watch 2 & Watch 2 Pro wearables.

15. My Passwords – Password Manager

If you are tired of remembering multiple passwords then this app provides a better solution to store all passwords at one place. The app let you store all passwords safely with Advanced Encryption Standard. My Passwords backup and restore your data and give you quick and easy access with it later. It has built-in password generator and requires no internet connection. The app let you do unlimited number of entries and all the data is 100 percent secure.

Android Wear OS has thousands of apps in the library so we have covered these 15 best apps for Huawei smartwatches. To download the apps go to Play Store on your paired smartphone or within the Huawei smartwatch.