WhatsApp, Instagram & Facebook Removed from Tizen Store

This month, after the shutdown of the Tizen Community website and the Community app, now one more shocking news came for Tizen users. Facebook has finally removed all its apps from the Tizen Store. The popular apps WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger are now discontinued from the Tizen Store. Since the last June, Facebook had been sending messages to the users about the termination, and finally today that day arrived. Samsung has stopped making Tizen phones since 2017, and the last model in the market was Samsung Z4.

For five consecutive years, WhatsApp was the number one app in the Tizen Store by the usage and by the most downloads. The other famous social media app Line had already step back from the Tizen phones, so WhatsApp was the only medium for users to chat or make video calls with their friends.

I have posted a video on why WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram removed from Tizen Store. Watch the video.

Also, the other social media apps Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger were in the top downloading apps, but now no longer serve the users. Unlike the ACL apps, these were launched by Facebook, and they received regular updates since the beginning.

WhatsApp Tizen Store

The decision behind the termination is the lack of new Tizen smartphones in the market. Also, the devices which have been launched in the market is now more than 3 years old. The Samsung Z2 & Samsung Z4 are the most popular Tizen phones in the market. Still, many users in India, Bangladesh & South Africa are using these devices, and today we have received too many emails and messages from users about the situation. Many customers demand that Samsung or Facebook must bring all these apps on the Tizen, but looks like that may not happen.


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