Manage Calls on Mi Band 4 & Band 5

The smartwatches like Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Oppo Watch, Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 LTE, and many more allow you to use the SIM cards inside it to make a call. Then there are some other high-mid ranges and mid-range watches that allow you to make a call & receive it. You can dial the call and answer them from the watch itself using Bluetooth headsets. But what about the fitness trackers or other budget smartwatches. Is there any way to handle the calls? Is there a way to manage calls from the Mi Band 4 & Mi Band 5 trackers? The answer is yes as well as no.

The Mi Band 4 & Band 5 allows you to see the incoming calls on the main screen, so yes. And you can’t receive calls from the latest Mi Bands, so the answer is still no. Apart from that, you can manage the calls from the fitness trackers. Mi Band hadn’t brought accept calls feature, so the Mi Band 5. In this guide, I will tell you how you can see the incoming calls with numbers & names. Also, I will tell you how you can reject & silent the incoming calls as well as delay the calls as per your needs. Follow the below steps to manage calls on Mi Band 4 & Band 5 trackers.

Manage calls on Mi Band 5

1. Open the Mi Fit app

It is a one-stop-shop for all the necessary features and to control them. If you are using the other apps, then switch back to the Mi Fit app. You can download it from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.

2. Tap Profile & then your Device

The Profile option includes all the personal data and your device name. Tap on your device name to move further.

3. Go to Incoming Call & Activate the option

Manage Calls Mi Band

On the first screen, the Incoming call option is there. It is important to view the calls on your smart band. If this option is deactivated, then manually activate it.

4. Enable Show Contact information

Manage Calls Mi Band

This feature lets you see the dialer’s name. It is the name you have saved on your phone contact. If you don’t enable it, then you will only get a phone number.

5. Activate Delay Alert (Optional)

Manage Calls Mi Band

When you activate the Delay alert option, then it will start ringing after the given value. It is important when don’t want to get disturbed with vibration. It will start vibrating once you set the value. To do that, tap on Set delay, and choose the custom time delay.

Finally, to receive incoming calls on your Mi Band 4 or Band 5, you must connect with your smartphone via Bluetooth. For any reason, you switch off the Bluetooth connection, then you won’t get any call alerts. There are more chances in the upcoming Mi Band 6, Xiaomi would provide a call receive option.