Best Watch Faces for Galaxy Fit 2

The best part of the Galaxy Fit 2 is its reasonable price. You may not have seen such a low price from Samsung in the last few years. And yes, Samsung hasn’t compromised on any features to keep the price at the bottom. Sure, it is getting tough competition from Mi Band 7, Fitbit Charge 5, Amazfit Band 7 & the other fitness trackers, though Samsung came with extra features. This year, on Galaxy Fit 2, you will see stress & breathing, REM sleep, hand wash, and advanced notification options.

The watch faces are another side that has improved a lot with time. On the Galaxy Fit 2, Samsung has introduced plenty of new watch faces with lots of options. We have to understand that Fit 2 is a fitness band and not a smartwatch. On the main screen, you only get a few options to tweak and view the necessary details. Now to show you which watch faces you should put on your fitness tracker, I have dug out the library. Finally, I have sorted out these best watch faces for Galaxy Fit 2.

Best Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

1. Modern

Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

The sad part about the Samsung watch faces is that you can’t customize them. On Fit 2, you can only choose the dial which you like and set it. In this list, I would like to present the first watch face, which is on the fourth number in the Modern category. In modern, you can choose the dial with a brown display, which shows the battery indicator. It is different than the default theme of Samsung, but you will miss your daily steps and HR data.

2. Date

Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

In the fourth row, I will like to show you the Date design of the cool themes. It is third from the last one. The color is purple & white and perfectly shows the heart monitor. If you are a regular HR checker, then I think it is best suitable for you. The continuous HR monitoring is below the side, and the main theme shows the current time. On the top side, you can get the remaining battery time. Just tap on the Date theme to set it.

3. Analogue

Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

Now come to the more advanced section in the dials. When you scroll down below, you will get the Analogue category. It contains more than 10 themes with two cool styles. You can choose any one of these and set the needy indicator. The first one is the theme of a beautiful flower, and the second one shows cool sparkling. You can set them with the battery indicator, HR measurement, weather information, step counter, running analysis, and the date.

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4. Info 4

Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

The new Info 4 is the most forward-looking dial for your Galaxy Fit 2. It includes most of the information on the main screen, so you don’t have to open tabs. In the front display, it provides battery percentage, weather information, heart rate data, day, date, time, and the daily step counters. The best part is all this little information is displayed in different colors. You can choose any theme from Info 4 section, but personally, my favorite is the last one.

5. Artistic

Galaxy Fit 2 Watch Faces

The last watch face is for users who want to show off their Galaxy Fit 2. In the Artistic section, the first dial is present with a big heart, which shows the true color of your activity tracker. The main display only shows the current time and heart rate. In the middle, you can see the big heart with cool combinations of dots. If you don’t need too many details on the first screen, you can set this theme and want to put it cleanly.

I have to stop here because I have shown you some of the best dials from the Wearable app. Samsung doesn’t allow third-party developers to create their watch faces for Galaxy Fit & Fit 2. The library of faces is open for everyone on Galaxy Watches, but not to the Galaxy Fit series. In the future, the company may open it for other creators. Till then, choose the best watch faces for Fit 2, which Samsung offers you. Tell me, which is your favorite theme in the Galaxy Wearable app?