Add or Remove Exercises on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2

With the launch of Galaxy Fit 2, the company has introduced some basic as well as advanced exercises or workouts. The goal of any Smart Band or smartwatches is to keep users active in their lifestyle. One such innovative fitness tracker is Galaxy Fit 2, which comes with more than 50 workout modes. It is the tracker that caught my eyes when I see its price. Compared to Galaxy Fit, Samsung has decreased the price of Fit 2 by more than 60%. The company slashed the price to counter Amazfit Band 5, Mi Band 5 & Fitbit Charge 4. All these other trackers offer essential exercises, where Samsung has put all the sports modes on the table. From Yoga to badminton, and from Cricket to Golf, all are present in the Samsung tracker.

Despite having plenty of exercises, users can only set 10 on the Galaxy Fit 2. If your daily exercise mode is not available on the list, then you have to remove the existing workout mode from the list. It is a not-to-do list for the users who perform basic exercises like walking, running, swimming & the treadmill. But to the high-intensity users, it is necessary to add there must have exercises on the list. Along with automatic workout detection, you can add some others to track your fitness sessions. I am writing this article for the new users who don’t know how to add or remove exercises in Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Fit 2.

Add workout modes on Galaxy Fit 2

Exercises on Galaxy Fit 2

1. Open Galaxy Wearable app

2. Go to the Health settings option

3. Open Manage exercises

4. You will see all the default workout modes

5. Below, tap on Add or remove exercises

6. Now, select all the exercises you want on your Fit2

7. Click on Done to save the modes

All the saved exercises will appear on your Galaxy Fit or Fit 2. Even though the list of exercises is more than enough, you can only set 10 workout modes on your smart band. If you want to set the automatic workout modes, go to the Workout detection option, which is right below the Manage exercises. During the workout, you have to activate that specific exercise and it will track it.