Why Camera Controller Function Missing on Galaxy Fit 2

Recently, Samsung introduced a camera controller function to the Galaxy Fit 2. In the major update, the company has also brought call decline messages and rope jumping counting to the smart band. In these, a most praised function is its ability to control the phone camera with the tracker. It is not new to the Galaxy watches. You can use it on the original Galaxy Watch as well as the current Galaxy Watch 4. Though it is available on all the Galaxy watches and the new Galaxy Fit 2, all users can’t use it.

Yes, you heard right. The Camera Controller is not supported on every paired smartphone. The same rule applies to Samsung smartwatches and trackers. You can’t use or download the camera controller app on every device. The reason is that Samsung has restricted this function to only its Galaxy devices. This means if you are using a Galaxy phone, then there are chances you can use it. And if you have paired Galaxy Fit 2 using a non-Samsung phone, then it will not support it. Its company’s strategy is to give more advantages to its phones.

Camera Controller on Galaxy Fit 2

Camera Controller on Galaxy Fit 2

Wait, you thought all the Galaxy devices have the support! No, in the Samsung world too, not all devices have access to it. Only some high-end or flagship models have access to it. As per the official answer, the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note & Galaxy Z series devices will get support. In simple words, to use the camera controller on Galaxy fit 2, you should have Galaxy S9 & above, Galaxy Note 9 & above, and Galaxy Z Fold & above devices.

Now coming to the Android version, you must install Android Nougat or Android 7.0 version or above. Galaxy Fit 2 is a very popular smart band. Many Samsung & non-Samsung users use it, so the company should think about it. The camera remote control is not new to any wearables. Mi Smart Band 6 to Huawei Band 4 Pro have this function. We hope Samsung will open this feature for all users on the upcoming Galaxy Fit 3 & Galaxy Watch 5.