Use Music Control Function on Galaxy Fit & Fit 2

Imagine you are in the park or on a long run and listening to your favorite song. Now, the song has finished and plays other songs that you don’t like. Well, in this situation you have to stop and change the music from your smartphone, but it will break your running moment. That’s where your new Galaxy wearable comes, and Galaxy Fit & Fit 2 is one of them. The Galaxy Fit & Galaxy Fit 2 offer a music control function along with it, which helps you to change the song or control volume from the smart band. It also shows your song name, so you can decide whether you have to play it or want to skip it.

Samsung delayed the music control function for a long time. At the end of 2019, finally, Galaxy Fit users received this function in the major update. Since then Samsung has improved it and added some additional information. Xiaomi is the king in this function, since the Mi Band, users are using it, and the main display also shows more information.

On the Galaxy Fit 2, the function will show the song/video/audio/movie name, song base, volume control, and play/pause button at the center. That’s cool, right? If you have decided to play an audio player, Spotify songs, or YouTube videos while running, then go through these steps.

Music Control on Galaxy Fit 2

Galaxy Fit 2 Music Control

1. Play tracks on the phone first

To use the function, first, play any songs or YouTube videos on the paired smartphone. It is a control function, and it will not start itself or play the music. Now, play the songs, and come back to the fitness tracker.

2. From the main screen, swap fingers from right to left or vice versa

On the Galaxy Fit 2, all the widgets, shortcuts, and other icons are located on the right side. It is a reason, on the main screen drag your finger from right to left. The right side has too many options, so swap until you found the music control section.

3. You have landed on the music widget

After dragging your finger on the music controlling function, you will find out all the available options. On the upper side, there is a playing song name, and below the play/pause button. It doesn’t end here. Now, scroll down below, here play next, play previous, and volume up & volume down buttons are available.

The only missing feature is the banner or thumbnail of the playing song, but we can understand it is not a smartwatch. Further, you can open the function from the notification panel.

If you have added a music shortcut, then you can open it by tapping it. To add the music shortcut or music widget, follow the Galaxy Wearable app. Now, without any worries, play any songs or videos on the smartphone, and control it from the Galaxy Fit & Fit 2.