Why Camera Controller Missing on my Galaxy Watch 4?

After buying Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 4 Classic, you may have searched for the official Camera Controller app, and were disappointed by not seeing it. Since launching, the app is part of the watch, then why you are not getting it in the first place. You are not alone, many users on social platforms like Reddit groups, Facebook, Samsung Community, and even on Twitter are asking the same question. Why Camera Controller app is not available in Galaxy Watch 4?

In short, most smartphones don’t support the controller app, that’s why the company disabled it from those phones. Like many other Samsung services, the app is limited to selected devices. If you are using a non-Samsung phone, then the app will not support it. Then what about Galaxy phones? Well, the sad part is, even it is Samsung’s official app, most of the Galaxy phones didn’t get support.

As per Samsung, right now, only Galaxy S series models can use the Camera Controller app on their Galaxy Watch 4 duo. In that too, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+, and later models get the service. It means you can use it on Galaxy S9, S10, S20 & S21 series devices.

Camera Controller on Galaxy Watch 4

On Tizen-based Galaxy Watch Active 2 & Watch 3, you can use the app with Galaxy S9 & above, Galaxy Note 9 & above, and Galaxy Z Fold & later models. The controller app on Wear OS 3-based Galaxy Watch 4 only works with a few Galaxy S flagship models.

In a future update, Samsung may open the app for more Galaxy smartphones including upper Galaxy A devices like Galaxy A52s & Galaxy A72. We can’t say anything about app compatibility with non-Samsung phones for now.