Galaxy Watch 4 Update Tracker: New R8**FXXU1GVK6 Update Released

Update (Dec 05): Samsung took a long break to introduce some new features to the Watch 4. The new one is not different, and it comes with only one change. It has an updated Ball watch face, where it has added country flags. It is the season for the FIFA world cup, so you can flag your country flag in support. To change the watch face, you can open the Galaxy Wearable app, and then head to the Watch Face section. From here, you can choose your country’s flag. With the update, the watch receives the R865FXXU1GVK6 version.

Update (Oct 10): Since Galaxy Watch 5 & Watch 5 Pro launched, Samsung has slowed down firmware updates for Watch 4. It is now barely releasing new updates for older Wear OS watches. The Galaxy Watch 4 series has received a new ‘GVI3’ software version. It is for bug fixes and to enhance the overall quality of the watches. The new firmware version R8**XXU1GVI3 is now rolling out in all the major countries.

Update (June 14): The new watches have received June’s first firmware version. It is the first June update and only launched as a regular checkup. The latest update doesn’t bring any new features or changes to the Watch 4 series. You can identify it by build number R8**FXXU1FVE1, and it is 89MB in a package. The software is now released, and it will soon reach your country. Let me know if you receive this firmware in your country.

Update (May 03): The Galaxy Watch 4 series users are now getting the first software update for the month of May. As the news coming from South Korea, the latest firmware has been dispatched to tackle minor issues on the smartwatch. The changelog only reads ‘stabilization code applied,’ which means it doesn’t carry a new feature. You can look for the software code R8**XXU1FVD4 to install the latest version. It is 100MB in size and rolling out in South Korea.

Update (Feb 23): Samsung is now releasing the second software update for Galaxy Watch 4 series in February. The new version rolled out to tackle some known issues found in the previous massive version. Some users notice improved battery life after the installation, though there is no huge increment in the juice. The issue that occurred while double-tapping to wake the screen sleep mode has been fixed. The latest version R8**XXU1EVB4 is available to install in South Korea. You should check the Galaxy Wearable app for this uninstalled software.

Update (Feb 09): Samsung took more than three months to release new software for Galaxy Watch 4 but now it is worth waiting. In the new massive firmware update, the company has brought plenty of new features. The watches can now use Live wallpapers of the Galaxy S22 smartphones along with other new watch faces. It improves a lot in body composition, VO2 Max, recovery heart rate, sleep score, and personalized fitness coach. Bixby can now reply to the messages and read them.

The firmware version X8**XXU1EVA8 is now rolling out for Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic in all the major countries. The best part is, that Samsung has released new firmware in most of the countries on all the continents. You can see all the added features and the other changes in the image below.

New Galaxy Watch 4 Update

Update (Dec 30): Samsung is seeding new firmware on the smartwatches to improve the quality of the new Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic. It’s the first update of the month, and it’s been published to improve the user experience. It doesn’t provide any new features or make any significant changes, but it does fix known bugs. The business is preparing for a massive One UI release next year or in early January, according to the Watch Manager. The current version is being rolled out in South Korea, and it has the number R8**XXU1DULB on it.

The issue where some users were getting errors while sending replies to WhatsApp or other notifications via their Watch 4 has been fixed. The community Manager recently mentioned bringing font sizes for over-aged persons who will come to the Galaxy Watch 4 in the October update. We are unable to find the new font option, so we should wait for another update.

The Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic run on powerful Wear OS 3 software. Daily, it receives many app updates from major apps like Microsoft Outlook, Strava, Spotify, and others. Not only apps, but Samsung also releases essential updates for the watches. In this article, we will inform you about all those tiny but vital updates, so you should not miss them.

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  1. I received this update on my Galaxy watch 4 in the US and now there is no connection between the Wear OS app and the google play store. Very disappointed.

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