How to Use Period Tracker or Cycle Function on Mi Band 5 & Band 6

In every woman’s life periods are very important, and she has to go through it every month (most of the women with regular periods). With technology, now many women users can take help to track their periods & ovulation calendar. Initially, the period tracking function was only limited to premium smartwatches, but now it supports many budget-friendly wearables. This year, big companies like Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi & Huawei have introduced menstrual cycle features on their all smartwatches & fitness trackers. In our last articles, I have covered some of the top devices to use a period tracker. Now, one by one, I will cover how to use it on those wearables.

Here, we will briefly see how to use the menstrual cycle or a period tracker on Mi Band 5 & Band 6. It is the first Mi Smart Band 5 from the company to introduce this valuable tool and is now part of Band 6. With the launch of the Cycle menu, it is easy to record the menstrual cycle and ovulation phases. You can also set a reminder for an upcoming period, and on that day, it will remind you. If you are new to the Mi Bands, and searching for the Cycle menu, then by default not available on the band. You have to add it from the Mi Fit app. It is the reason, I am here to guide you on how to use the period tracker or Cycle function on Mi Band 5 & Band 6.

Period Tracker on Mi Band

1. Open Mi Fit app – Profile – Mi Smart Band 5/6

Mi Band Period Tracker

I assume you have paired Mi Band 5 or Band 6 with your smartphone using the Mi Fit app. Now open the app, and tap on the Profile tab, which is located on the below right side. After that, in the Devices, you will see the name of your Mi Smart Band. Tap on it to proceed further.

2. Scroll down and open Display Settings

Mi Band Period Tracker

The Display Settings is the option where you can add or remove menus on the Mi Band. Open the Band Display to add the Cycle function on your tracker.

3. Below you will see Cycles in Hidden items

Mi Band Period Tracker

The Cycles menu is in the Hidden items option. Now, press & hold your finger on three lines and drag it up to the items. When you successfully drag it above and save it, then the menu will add to the smart tracker.

4. Now come back to the Workout tab, and tap on the Cycles icon

Mi Band Period Tracker

After you add the menu to the band, you have to come back to the Workout tab, which is the first screen when you open the Mi Fit app. Here, you will see the Cycles option, tap on it to fill in the necessary data.

5. Fill all necessary data

Mi Band Period Tracker

In Menstruation settings, you have to give complete personal information. You have to answer questions like how long does your menstrual period lasts, how long does your cycle last, and when did your last menstrual period starts? Fill up all these data, and then you can get accurate tracking in the upcoming months. Finally, activate the Menstrual Cycle Prediction feature.

6. Now, in the Cycle menu, you can see all the dataMi Band Period Tracker

You are now ready to measure your menstrual period in the Cycle menu on the Mi Band 5 or Mi Smart Band 6 tracker. When you open the tool on the tracker, then it will tell you when menstrual days will start. To see complete data, open the Mi Fit app, and then head to the Cycles option.

Women users need to use the tracker for two to three months to see accurate results. It is the first time a smart band gets menstrual cycle features, so we have to use it smartly and take all its benefits. In the upcoming updates and the new trackers, we will see better results.

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