List Of Best Gear S3 Games

Samsung Gear S3 is most popular Samsung smartwatch in market at the present moment. In market we have more options like Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Gear Sport In Tizen department. And Apple Watch Series 4 & Android Wear OS smartwatches from different categories, still Gear S3 Frontier & Classic smartwatches are best wearables to purchase. It amazed everyone with its powerful hardware and new Tizen software version. It is the second Tizen smartwatch after Gear S2, in this mean time it has attracted many customers. It is even selling better than other Android & Apple smartwatches, also better results than Fitbit.

Even with these features it is hard to find best apps & games. At the starting it was impossible to get quality apps from Galaxy Wearable app. Now all things have changed & Galaxy Store is increasing rapidly. The apps like Spotify, Strava, Tidal, Map My Run, YouTube(Third Party), Flipboard etc are now available on Gear S3, which is good sign for Samsung smartwatch users.

Now with the time more and more developers are serious about this digital watch to launch their works on it. It is the result now we have 4 times more apps, games and watch faces for Gear watch, compared to last year. In the inside of store comparing to apps, very few games loaded into store. It is because games are very hard to make for digital watches than apps and watch faces.

But don’t worry there are plenty of games available on Gear S3 that will kill your free time. Here is the list of best games for Gear S3 Frontier & Classic smartwatches.

1. Asphalt 6: Adrenaline

The Asphalt 6: Adrenaline is racing game and six episode in biggest franchise game series Asphalt. The good quality graphics & excellent visual effects are worth to play it. There is two more parts of this game – Asphalt 8: Airborne & Asphalt 7: Heat. This one is old now but still enjoyable on Samsung Gear S3.

2. Bubble Bash 3

The Bubble Bash 3 is another game from Gameloft team for digital watch. It is match 3 genre in which you have to match minimum 3 same colors of candies. The Bubble Bash 3 is really fun to play.

3. Snake Classic

The Snake Classic is causal game to play in your free time. Just start it and make your best score. You might have played it before so you can enjoy same gameplay on your wearable.

4. Mission to Mars

Why don’t you take some challenges in your life. If you are ready to do so then play Mission to Mars and try to beat yourself on new levels. Beat yourself in every levels and finish the missions. Mission to Mars is best game to play on Gear S3 Classic & Frontier models.

5. Fruit Ninja

The Fruit Ninja is swipe & cut genre, it is widely popular on Android & Apple smartphones as well as Apple Watch Series & Android Wear OS watches. Use your finger to cut all the fruits on your screen. Buy be careful don’t touch bombs and other dangerous obstacles to avoid any damages. It is very popular game on all devices so you must play it.

6. Bezel Reflex

The Bezel Reflex is another fun game to try. It is not that hard to get. You will get all the fun things in this game. I have added to make a list but Bezel Reflex is really challenging game to play. In the gameplay try to match ball color with paddle color.

7. Monster Vampire

In this game be a mighty person & try to defeat monster. Use your all skills and experience to gain good points in it. Every points will lead you in the later gameplay. Download Monster Vampire on your Samsung Gear S3 for free of cost.

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8. Space War Galaxy

Best Gear S3 Games

This is the space arcade game and provides the excellent option for amusement at your wrist. Prepare yourself for the battle and fly through the space to destroy waves of attacking aliens. The game has improved support for touch screen and you can move fighter and fire through Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch bezel.

Space Galaxy War has amazing music and incredible sound effects that create the perfect gaming environment at your Samsung smartwatches. There are more than 12 stages of continuous gameplay and throughout the game you can collect power ups for more weapons and health.

9. Hungry Monkey

Hungry Monkey is basically a story based game where a little monkey named Monkino is trying to get back his banana stolen by wicked monkey. In the gameplay as a player you have to help Monkino to catch falling bananas as well avoid obstacles such as monkeys and branches. You can also ride on a floating balloon to avoid the obstacles but you should be aware of wicked monkeys trying to pop the balloon.

The gameplay is full of challenges and fun with smooth controls as well as excellent sound quality. It has stunning graphics and highly polished interface. This game will create more fun on your tiny Gear S3 Frontier or Gear S3 Classic smartwatch.

10. Sea Wolf Free

This is the arcade game with focus to destroy and sink enemy sinks. Theme of the gameplay is of hunt for enemy ships in various day and weather conditions. The enemy ships on the radar are marked with red colour. You should continuously struggle to sink enemy ships with several hits and should launch torpedoes accurately on the correct time. There are three types of forces in the game namely the enemy, the ally and neutral. Where as enemy ships are noted by red colour ally and neutral forces are noted by green and blue colours respectively.

Sea Wolf Free provides four types of ships such as boat, Corvette, battleship and aircraft carrier. Enjoy the amazing game at your wrist and check your skills. As a name said it is free in Galaxy App Store and there is Pro version if you want to purchase.

This is the list of best 10 games for Gear S3 watches I found in store. The first 2 Asphalt 6 and Bubble Bash 3 titles are made by Gameloft developers. Both launched with original content, gameplay and graphics.

It may be difficult for some gamers to play some games on smartwatch, but developers released them specially for Gear S3 so don’t worry about that, just play them. All games support on Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Gear S3 Frontier models. Now go to Galaxy App Store and download all games on your wrist.