Samsung Gear S3 Received Massive Tizen 4.0 Update

Samsung has introduced the latest software update to Gear S3 in order to keep the smartwatch in competition. This update brings the latest and most awaited Tizen 4.0 Operating System to the Samsung Gear S3. With the latest update users will get the host of new features and improvements in functionality of the smartwatch. The Tizen 4.0 was originally launched with Samsung Galaxy Watch back in August and it has released on third generation Gear S3 watch.

Recent update carries the firmware version of R760XXU2DSA1 and accommodates Tizen with it. The update to Gear S3 brings many latest features to the users at their wrist. Samsung Health will perform more widely as compared to the previous version and has more workouts in the list. It also includes the improvements in sleep monitoring functions of the smartwatch.

Gear S3 Update

Settings menu of the watch has changes such as the introduction of two advanced modes namely theater and sleep. Quick panel has been introduced with the more user friendly interface for faster interaction. Changes in the notification panel includes that it shows incoming MMS images as well as it automatically plays GIFs. Along with these remarkable features the latest update includes many small features that will make the watch more user friendly and competitive.

Gear S3 Update

The latest software update for Gear S3 though revealed, but at present it is available for the customers in the US only. Users outside the US can get this update very soon as the wider roll out of the update is expected soon. You will get automatic notification related to update of your smartwatch, in case you didn’t get it you can also check it manually for the update. To update your Gear S3 go to the Galaxy Wearable App then select the About Watch option after that go to the Update Watch Software option and hit on Update Now.

13 thoughts on “Samsung Gear S3 Received Massive Tizen 4.0 Update

  1. Careful what you wish for. Since the update, my S3 battery life is half what it was, and the altimeter no longer auto updates because “Network Unavailable”

  2. I’m still stuck with tizen here in INDIA. I’m also facing an issue with the raise to wake function on my gear s3 frontier.

  3. So, when will it arrive in Europe, in The Netherlands? Or does Samsung only have customers in the USA????

  4. How pathetic to release an update only in America, I’m sure I paid as much as everyone else did they didn’t mind taking the money out my account for their product but now I need to wait for a long over due overhaul on a buggy software that’s actually already out just not in my country! Couldn’t make it up lol……

    1. I WISH this update didnt go through! It has ruined the sleep tracking, now when I’m watching tv it says I’m sleeping and apparently I walked up 23 floors this morning while eating breakfast, does anyone know if there is a way to revert back?

  5. December 2021 will be too early, probably samsung only considers u.s citizens as their customer!!!!!!!!

  6. EXCUSE ME?!?!?! Anyone….WHY?! Oh Why?? Am I the “ONLY PERSON” that lives in the United States of America that DID NOT GET THE UPDATE?? As the Original poster stated – I too go to Settings to TRY to “GO GET IT” and it Politely lets me Know – There’s Nothing out there for me to ‘Get’. I have only had this watch for around 3 weeks. And I would love Prefer to wait and REALLY LEARN About it on the New software. I am “assuming” that possibly I am not eligible for it – BECAUSE – my phone is a NON-SAMSUNG PHONE…..PERHAPS???? I just don’t see ANYONE ELSE Complaining So…..either EVERYONE ALREADY KNOWS that Non-Samsung phone wearing Gear S3 wearers – are freakin Forever Stuck on T3 ….OR…there IS… an ACTUAL.. PERSONAL CONSPIRACY AGAINST ME!!! OMG!!!! SOMEBODY/ANYBODY!!! PLEAZZZZE RESPOND!!!! (LOL!) NO, Seriously. ☹

  7. How can I get this update for my Gear 3? I currently have the version. When I go to the gear app on my phone to update my watch, it says, “you’re already using the latest software.”

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