Gear S3 And Gear S2 Gets New Value Pack Update

In the latest move Samsung has rolled out Value Pack update to their both smartwatches. The new update brings lots of useful changes to Samsung Gear S3 and Gear S2 watches. Last week Gear S2 has received its most important update and just before that the needy changes comes to Gear S3 Frontier and Gear S3 Classic LTE models. It shows Samsung cares more about their watches than any other companies, at least into the smartwatch war. The latest Value Pack update package mainly focuses on health and fitness apps and other related functions.

The new features have been added into the Health UI function which got some workout features. Now users will see all the workout results in the window with the visual information, like charts and graphs for the easy understanding. It shows amount of time spent in certain heart rate zones. The new feature will guide you when and how to stretch your body.

New Gear S2 & Gear S3 U

The other Reminder App has been updated with S Voice to let users set reminders with specific dates. Samsung Health will now automatically record approximate location with the duration. There are more viewing modes are available to use like Dark Screen, Negative colors and Grey Scale. The Altimeter/Barometer has got new menu and automatic calibration setting.

In the current update Samsung has added Find My Gear option to let you secure your smartwatch from the remote location. It is now easy to send contact information remotely to the Gear S3 screen. The new Value Pack update has been rolling out in many countries. If you haven’t received it in your country then wait for some more days or weeks. It will take some time to roll out in all the countries.