Download Temple Run 2 Game On Samsung Z2, Z3 And Z1

Temple Run 2 on Tizen Phones

The wait for Temple Run 2 game fans on Tizen has now comes to end. Now this popular endless runner is officially launched in Tizen Store. This is officially introduced by Imangi developers, that means that you don’t have to use ACL for Tizen app as an intermediator. This is important because official developers always takes care of their games and launches new updates whenever it needs. In many forums and threads most Tizen gamers were demanding this endless runner, also they were demanding it in Tizen Store reviews. So anyone can understand how much craze is their for Temple Run 2 title.

In a world over a billion gamers enjoying it on their platforms. It firstly launched on iOS and Android devices and later moved to Windows Phones and Blackberry devices. Since the first day of launch it has been attracting many gamers in the world, thanks to its catchy graphics and addictive gameplay.

The character has to be run as fast as he can to survive from dangerous Gorilla and other deadly obstacles. Path is not simple to run, it has many breakers to stop you and sometimes road becomes to difficult to run that the chances are high to dead. In the beginning it will guide you about the gameplay and how to operate main character, so you don’t have to worry about it. You can select your favorite character from the settings and also change their outfits.

The graphics is surprisingly excellent, they hadn’t compromised on this side and that’s why result is better. You will see eye popping graphics and excellent visual effects inside gaming. You will get many opportunities to earn some extra money by collecting coins and other power ups. When you start running, you will get three unsuccessful moves or you will fail, and after that you have to start it again. After unsuccessful level you will get chance to resume your race by spending some gaming currency. That’s why collect coins as many as you can, or buy some power ups and coins from in app purchases.

Temple Run 2 on Tizen Phones

The other endless runner games Subway Surfer or Temple Run 2 are not ready yet to release on Tizen smartphones. They might come later when Samsung launch next smartphone Samsung Z4 in the market. Next Tizen smartphone will be coming in Tizen 3.0 operating system.

The Temple Run 2 game is 44MB in size and after installing it you have to download some game contents. Since many days Tizen users has been waiting for one good quality game and I think Temple Run 2 is that title. It also offers some in app purchases from the range $0.99 to $40 for the extra hand. I think if you are better gamer then you don’t need any IAP. The game has now more gameplay content an more fun to play. To kill your free time must need this genre game on your device. Now go to Tizen Store and download it on your Tizen smartphones, it supports on Samsung Z2, Z3 And Samsung Z1 smartphone. Also don’t forget to share it with your other friends.

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