Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier Received New Update

Samsung Gear S3 Classic & Frontier watches have received another new update from company. It is small update & have only 2 main added features. This is not a regular firmware update, which comes with bug fixes & software improvements. Instead, Samsung rolled out two new important features in the smartwatches. The first major feature is now customers can answer calls by rotating the bezels. It is new feature and I think it is most important for many customers.

Actually, this feature is not new for many users. They have been using it on their smartwatches. I am not sure whether there is hidden setting in smartwatch that I have missed or any third party app has this feature. If you never used it then you can use it now in the new update.

Gear S3 Update

To get the new feature users don’t have to do anything in the setting. After the upgrade to new firmware version, the smartwatch will automatically set this function on your watch. The other change in the update is, Visual Accessibility Feature Improvement. This just improvements to the existing feature. The firmware version is R770XXU2CRE3 and R760XXU2CRE3 and it is only 13MB in size. To add new features on your Samsung Gear S3 Frontier & Classic smartwatches download the new update.

Gear S3 Update

To remind you, Samsung launched Samsung Gear S3 gadget in two variants, there is Gear S3 Classic to Wi-Fi only use and the other Gear S3 Frontier to use with Wi-Fi plus 4G LTE, off course both models comes in different prices. Processor on both models are powered by their own Exynos chipset which locked at 1GHz and to boost its speed there is 786MB RAM. To store personal data, smartwatch apps and other personal images it has 4GB of internal storage. Download new update & share your experience with it in the comments box below.