Samsung Gear S3, the third generation Samsung smartwatch today gets one new update. The new tiny update specifically focused on overall improvements and some bug fixes. Samsung regularly releases new updates for its Tizen smartwatches and this is the part of it, which improves overall quality of the watch. The new update is only available for Samsung Gear S3 Frontier with model number SM-R765 and not for the other model watch. We all know that Gear S3 Frontier is the LTE model.

In this new firmware one new feature has added onto the watch, unknown for all of us. The new feature is ‘Jansky Wearable‘, only added feature in this firmware update. Still there is no word about this function – whether it is new kind of Watch Face or any other function in setting. But we are trying hard to find out what is it and how it is helpful for end users.

Samsung launched this gadget in two variants, there is Gear S3 Classic to Wi-Fi only use and the other Gear S3 Frontier to use with Wi-Fi plus 4G LTE, off course both models comes in different prices. Processor on both models are powered by their own Exynos chipset which locked at 1GHz and to boost its speed there is 786MB RAM. To store personal data, smartwatch apps and other personal images it has 4GB of internal storage.

New Gear S3 Frontier Update

Some powerful features are making it a good digital smartwatch in market. First main feature is it is IP68 rating device, it means that Gear S3 is waterproof and dust proof device.

Here, display is 1.3-inch screen with 360×360 resolution, best part of the display is it made from new Corning Gorilla Glass SR+ technology. Corning said new Gorilla Glass SR+ technology specially made for smartwatches, it gives extra security and better scratch resistant protection to the watches.

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  1. The Gear S3 Frontier and Samsung Gear S3 Classic are getting some new firmware, as of today. Samsung Gear S3 owners can now add new date and Music complications to select watch faces.

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