Track Your Periods on Galaxy Watch 3, Watch 4, Active & Active 2

It should be done by Samsung or Apple way before the Apple Watch Series 5 & Galaxy Watch Active 2 respectively. I am talking about the women’s health tool function on these watches. Both Apple & Samsung are big brands in the smartwatch or fitness tracker industry and there are billions of girls who use their wearables. It is my concern, both companies have started creating wearables since 2014, but forget to deliver one basic tool for women users. Back in the day, the smartwatches or smart bands, you will see blood oxygen, VO2 Max, fall detection, BP, and ECG trackers, but you won’t see period tracker. That changed after Apple launched Series 5 & Samsung last year upgraded its Health app.

Famous apps like Period Tracker and Flo Ovulation & Period Tracker apps are already available in the market. These apps are also available in the Play Store, App Store as well as Galaxy Store. It is time for companies to bring perfect and accurate menstrual cycle features for all its women users. Now, you will see the period tracker or menstrual cycle feature on both Apple & Galaxy Watches, so the women users could use it in their periods.

The women’s Health tools will help all women in many ways. They will get notified every month when their period is going to start. The period tracker lets you track your cycle length and helps you understand irregularities in your period. It is useful to grasp how ovulation works along with mood changes & hormonal changes. Overall it is essential to function to take care of the health of women users.

To get the help from your smartwatch, here I will simplify all the steps about how to use period tracker or menstrual cycle function onWear OS-based Galaxy Watch 4 & other Tizen-based Watch 3, Active & Active 2.

Period tracker on Galaxy Watch 3 & Watch 4

1. On your watch, open Samsung Health app

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

Samsung Health has pre-installed on all the Galaxy smartwatches. If you have deleted it then download it from Play Store, iOS App Store, or Galaxy Store. Once installed, open it on your watch.

2. Scroll down, you will see Women’s Health

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

In the Health app, you will see lots of options like Sleep tracking, different workouts, heart rate, stress & breathing, water & many other features. In that, one feature is Women’s Health, open it.

3. Now Enter period

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

In the Women’s Health function, you will see the Enter Period option. Tap on it and give the date when your period will start so it can save all the details and history.

4. On the next screen Enter start date

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

As I said, enter a start date, so on the exact date, the Galaxy Watch will notify you on the exact date.

5. Finally, click on Save

Click on save, so you don’t have to enter the dates in the future and every month it will take care of your health.

6. Now, on the same screen tap on Add Log

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

On the same screen of Enter Period, below you will see Add Log option. It is useful to record your symptoms & moods. Open it where you will see some important tabs that you need to fill up.

7. Here, submit Flow level

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

In this section, you can choose flow level and set it as Light, Medium & Heavy and save it.

8. On the same tabs, submit Symptoms, Moods & Se*ual activity

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

On the same screen, you will see other tabs. The first is Symptoms where you can choose Cramps, Fatigue, Bloating, Backache, Increased appetite, Acne, Sore breasts, Headache, Increased s*x drive, and Constipation options.

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

The second option in the Add Log is Moods where you will see Tired, Stressed, Happy, Calm, Emotional, Irritable, Moody, Anxious, In love, and Neutral

Period Tracker Galaxy Watch

In the last Se*uality option, you have only one option.

You can say, Samsung has given you a good app that tries to help you. You can use the app and tell us your review. On smartphones you will get many apps to use like Period Tracker & Clue Period Tracker, but smartwatches still rely on main companies. The Samsung made Women’s Health tool is made in partnership with Glow company. Use the app yourself and tell us your review.

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