Top 5 Smartwatches with Period Tracker Function

With innovative technology, human health has become easier to maintain and work on it. With the launch of productive fitness trackers and smartwatches, one can easily track the health of its body. All 2020 wearables come with more than 100 workout modes and some special features like ECG, blood pressure, stress & breathing, SpO2, VO2 Max, and advanced sleep monitoring. These are the common features on most premium watches like Apple Watch Series 6, Fitbit Sense & Galaxy Watch 3. Now, with the start of the new year, most of the companies are offering women health tools. It is beat late for big companies to introduce a feature that is helpful for their women users. Even, Apple & Samsung have neglected this feature until 2020.

Now, almost all companies launched a menstrual cycle or period tracker feature on their watches. At the beginning of this year, Samsung has revealed this function for all its major watches and with the Apple Watch Series 6, it became a part of Apple. The function is really helpful for women users as they can track their health. It records the health during the menstrual cycle & ovulation phases and reminds you of overtime. In the market, you will get lots of wearables to track the health, but here I will give you the top 5 smartwatches with the period tracker functions.

Best Smartwatch with Period Tracker

1. Amazfit Bip U

Best Watch with Period Tracker

I am starting my list with the low-priced smartwatch which will give you all the features that you need. Along with a period tracker, it comes with SpO2 and stress & breathing measurement features. It offers a 1.43-inch display with AOD. It also includes essential features like heart rate, sleep data, PAI health, camera control, music control, and weather information. The Amazfit Bip U is available for Rs. 3,500 in India and soon available in other countries. It is the cheapest smartwatch in the market that offers so many features.

2. Amazfit GTS 2

Best Watch with Period Tracker

It is the successor to the last year’s Amazfit GTS smartwatch. It comes with a larger and brighter display to see more details on the screen. The menstrual cycle feature is the part of Amazfit GTS 2 along with some other new functions. It supports SpO2, REM Sleep, PAI health, GPS, and Wi-Fi functions. The NFC function is available only in China, and there is no sign of it to launch in other countries. In the basic features, you will get a camera controller, music control, Weather information, Always-on display, 14 days of battery life, and many more features.

3. Fitbit Sense

Best Watch with Period Tracker

First two listed watches available at budget prices. Now, in the premium segment, I am giving you the choice of Fitbit Sense. It is by far the most forward-looking watch from the company. It is even one step ahead of the Fitbit Versa 3 in many corners. In the advanced section, there is ECG function, blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, stress management, heart rate, and advanced sleep data. The Fitbit Sense is available in all the markets and you can track your periods easily.

4. Galaxy Watch 3

Best Watch with Period Tracker

Samsung has done hard work to improve the Galaxy Watch series. The new Galaxy Watch 3 comes with ECG, VO2 Max, fall detection, blood pressure, blood oxygen level, stress, and breathing features. For the storage, it includes 8GB internal memory and 1GB RAM. It is a complete smartwatch that allows you to download third-party apps from the Galaxy Store. To track your periods, you have to download the Samsung Health app on your smartphone and smartwatch. Once you install the Samsung Health app, then you can use the women’s health tool function. The Galaxy Watch 3 also has an LTE version for a little more price.

5. Apple Watch Series 6

Best Watch with Period Tracker

The Apple Watch Series 6 is the first choice of many users, and reviewers agree with it. The new Series 6 sports a crystal clear retina display along with an always-on display. With the 1GB RAM & 8GB internal storage space, you can save offline music and install many apps. For the women, it includes advanced menstrual cycle function and the ability to see the history. It is the most advanced and most expensive watch with ECG, SpO2, and other features. The only drawback of the Apple Watch Series 6 is that you have to pair it with iPhone.

Now the choice is yours, choose any one of these watches and get help on those special days. Note that, these smartwatches will not track your periods automatically. You have to submit all the information, and then it will alert you every month. After the log, you will get further information.