Best Watch Faces for Mi Band 5

Mi Band 5 or Mi Smart Band 5 is now reached to almost all major countries. The affordable price, new functions, bigger display, and longer battery life are some features that lure users to get the band. From the Mi band 4 to Mi band 5 some corners have changed dramatically like the magnetic charging, animated watch faces, and detect activity. These features expanded to minimize the effort of users and enhance the band quality. The watch faces have also changed for Mi Band 5. Now you can set animated watch faces on the Smart Band 5 and the vast list allow you to change them according to your mood.

The previous Mi Smart Band 4 hadn’t gotten any such treatment, though it opened the door for plenty of new watch faces. To move further the animated faces in your favorite color, style, and animation characters can be set on the main display. Again, you can change the themes from the tracker itself by touch & hold the home screen, like as smartwatch. To dig into the huge library of watch faces, open the Mi Fit app and go to the band display. The free version of the dial are here and synchronize them easily. To know my best watch faces for Mi Band 5, here is the list. All the faces in Mi Fit app are available for free, so don’t hesitate to change them frequently.

Best Mi Band 5 watch faces

1. Thunder Party

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

I have listed Thunder Party Watch faces on the first rank is because of its wide space to deliver lots of information. It shows PAI score, daily step counts, burned calories, and heart rate data. It doesn’t support other complications but it is a lot of information on the first screen. You will see the remaining battery in simple 10 dots and each dot contains a 10% value. Apart from that, you will see day, date, time, and other icons on the upper side. The users have praised Thunder Party with a 5-star rating for its cool look and availability of the information.

2. Elegant Black

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

Like the Thunder Party shows you four main functions data on the main screen, the Elegant also shows you the same amount of data on the main screen. It comes with the same amount of data, but instead of PAI health, you will get covered the distance in 24 hours cycle. Many fitness enthusiastic people like to see how much distance they have covered in a day so for them, it is a good theme. Also, you will get a simple design, burned calories, step counter, heart rate, and battery percentage on the main display.

3. Custom Dial 1

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

Now move on to the advanced watch faces for Mi Band 5. Where Mi Band 3 has only 3 dials and Band 4 has basic dials, Mi Band 5 opens the advanced section. On Mi Band 5, you can now set custom watch faces without any third-party tool. On the previous fitness band, you have to use Notify & Fitness for the Mi Band app, but on the new tracker, you no longer need it. Custom Dial 1 provides you lots of space to choose your own background. You can set your favorite pictures and favorite colors on the main screen. On the display, you will get the battery percentage, time, day, date, and step counter.

4. Aurora Glass

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

Very few watch faces show advanced data on Mi Band 5, and the Aurora is one of them. It can show you the weather information in your current city. I think Xiaomi has done a great job by delivering weather information in the dial. There are many outdoor wanderers who will be glad to see the quick weather information. The green look on the background is also simple to show. It provides burned calories, step counter, heart rate monitoring, and battery percentage data on the screen. With the excellent ratings, Aurora Glass is on our favorite list.

5. Happy Spongebob

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

The animated watch faces are new to the Mi Band 5 and in the future updates, we could see more in the Band Display. Now, there are some themes with cool animation from our childhood cartoons. The famous characters from Spongebob Squarepants are the first to get the space. The Happy Spongebob will show you the smiley face of Spongebob, and you can imagine that unique laugh of him. It is the early animated dials from the company. In the future, the tracker may get more animated faces with different animations.

6. FA1_Circles

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

Now coming to some third-party watch faces to enhance the overall experience. The creative developer Felix Andersen has created a beautiful FA1_Circles dial for the Mi Band 5. You can see weather information, heart rate monitor, battery indicator, and burned calories. It can set into different colors and in Russian, English, and German language. You can download the dial from the Amazwatchfaces app.


7. Iron Man’s Jarvis HUN

Best Mi Band 5 Watch Faces

In the Mi Band 5 leaks, we had seen some Avenger dials along with iron Man and other Marvel heroes. Sadly, none of those faces come to the light and still, there is no word on it. Luckily third-party developer Ross85 has created an Avenger-related theme. The Iron Man’s Jarvis HUN is advanced and sci-fi dial to show all the details. You will see step counter, burned calories, walked distance, battery indicators, and more information on the main screen. Get the watch face for free on the Amazwatchfaces app.


You can get all these watch faces from the Mi Fit app, except for the last two. To download the last two watch faces you have to open the Amazwatchfaces app which is available in the Play Store. If you don’t know how to install themes on Amazwatchfaces then you will get a detailed article on the website. Use all these watch faces on Mi Band 5 and tell us your experience.

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