How to Use Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

In some areas, Samsung smartwatches beat Apple Watches like a sleep tracking feature. Apple has introduced sleep tracking on Apple Watch Series 6 with the new WatchOS 7 version. It is too late for such a premium or most costly smartwatch. On the other hand, Samsung launched sleep tracking on Galaxy Watch in 2018; also, the previous watches had supported it. The feature is always the part of the Samsung Health app, which still gets better with every update. The results are also accurate and give proper tips to get better sleep.

Samsung previously lacked in ECG, fall detection & Afib features, though, now it came on new Galaxy Watch 3 along with advanced advanced heart rate & sleep tracking. With the launch of Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2, the function gets more accurate. If you are also want to use the tracker on the watch, then I will simplify it. The smartwatches are not proper devices to put on your wrist and sleep with them. Fitness trackers would give you some relief. Still, if you want to wear the watch to track the sleep, then here is the guide on how to use sleep tracking on Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 wearables.

Sleep tracking on Galaxy Watch 3

1. Download Samsung Health app on smartwatch

2. Open Samsung Health app

Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Watch

3. Scroll down & tap on Sleep

Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Watch

4. Again scroll down & open Record REM Sleep

Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Watch

5. Activate the toggle

Sleep Tracking on Galaxy Watch

6. Now wear the smartwatch tightly on your wrist

7. You can sleep & in the morning you can get the result

Some users noticed that REM sleep function is not available on their smartwatch, so you should look for it. The smartwatch will automatically track your sleep on your movement. If you switch off Record REM Sleep, then the watch will get the help of motion to track it. Follow these steps and stay fit. If you don’t understand anything about these steps, then you can ask me any questions.