Best Apps for Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6

The primary use of fitness trackers is to provide accurate data about health. These trackers do not come with any pre-installed apps that you could use. The new Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5, Mi Band 4 are not different. Xiaomi doesn’t have any App Store to download the apps, nor it has that much of space so you could save anything. Smartwatches are different than fitness bands. Those supposed to replace your smartphone (at least some companies think that way); it is the reason Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, and even new Mi Watch comes with preloaded apps to deal with many situations and get most of it.

Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5 & Mi Band 6 are the best fitness bands in the market, give the best health results, and provides other services. Even if you want to go far than this, then Xiaomi has opened the door to third-party developers to release their best apps & watch faces on new Xiaomi activity trackers. With these outside apps, you can customize watch faces, unlock many features, and can apply many hidden tips & tricks on the band. If you want to use external apps with the band, then here are the best apps for Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6.

Best Mi Band 5 & Band 6 Apps

1. Notify & Fitness for Mi Band

The Notify & Fitness for Mi Band is the best utility app you need with your Mi Band. It has many functions that you need in the fitness band. Set custom alarms, custom reminders, customize notifications for each app, ignore unwanted notifications, and custom widgets. And even it supports COVID-19 precautions and early symptoms in the latest update. Most of the essential features are free to use and you can unlock more premium features with extra cost. The app will also let you read messages on the screen. Notify & Fitness is available in the Android Play Store for free.


2. Mi Band 4 WatchFaces

New Band 4 has a colored display and the company has recently released many watch faces to show the true colors of it. In the recent update, Xiaomi has introduced some faces from different categories. Apart from that, the app called Mi Band 4 & Mi Smart Band 5 watch faces offers you plenty of faces to sync on your fitness band. Download watch face from the app, and install it using the Mi Fit app. The app has categorized faces from different categories so you could find the perfect face.


3. GadgetBridge

Another best app to use on a daily basis. You can use the app instead of Mi Fit. It easily allows users to switch between different trackers. When you try to unpair your current fitness band to add another one. It becomes very hard to pair a new band with Mi Fit or Amazfit app. The GadgetBridge comes there to save from these hassles and to connect different trackers from different companies in the same app. The app also supports Amazfit, Pebble, Casio & Lenovo watches.


4. Navigator for Mi Band 3, 4, Bip & Cor

Mi Bands don’t come with GPS & navigation support. Since the beginning, Xiaomi doesn’t have provided any Map services to its any tracker. Thanks to the developers we can now use Google Maps directions on the Mi Band. The app will let you use walk & car navigation and compatible with Mi Fit and Notify & Fitness apps. Download the app from the Google Play Store, and get directions.


5. Mi Band Selfie

The new Mi band 5 comes with camera controller functions, but the early fitness trackers don’t support it. You can use Mi Band 4 to take the selfie or group selfie. The Mi Band Selfie app lets you take the selfie by using Mi Band 2, Band 3 & Band 4 devices. The free app uses the music control section of the band to take the selfie. Note that, when you use this function, then you can’t control the music while you are in selfie mode. The app works with a Free Camera, Open Camera, Circle Camera, Night Selfie Camera, and Bacon Camera. Install one of these apps on your Android smartphone, and connect the Mi Band 4.


6. Amazfaces

Probably, the biggest library of watch faces for Mi Band 4, Mi Band 5 & Mi Band 6. Apart from it, the Amazfaces app supports Amazfit GTS 2, GTR 2, Bip S, T-Rex Pro, and other Huami watches. To install new watch faces go to the app or official website. On the website or in the app, the developer has explained how you can install third-party themes on your smart band. It also has cool custom watch faces to show your favorite wallpaper. you will see all the famous characters from Spongebob to Marvel’s Avengers in the app.


7. WatchFaces for Mi Band 6

The latest Mi Band 6 tracker launched with a bigger screen and it gives a better view of to the best watch faces. With the new app comes new watch face app in the Play Store. The app called Mi Band 6 – WatchFaces for Mi Band 6 stored some amazing dials inside its store room. You will get all the themese from major categories, and all those are free of cost. To avoid unnecessary ads, you can subscribe to the app for hassle-free browsing. You can select and set any dial on your Mi Smart Band 6, and also make them favorite.


These are the best Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6 apps that enhance the usability of the activity trackers. The latest Mi Smart Band 6 or simply Mi Band 6 comes with plenty of functions, still, you may find these apps useful. All the apps are free and available in the Android Play Store. If you found any difficulties in the article or have any suggestion, then drop the words.

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