Give it try: Music & Video Apps for Galaxy Watch 3, Active & Active 2

Samsung’s smartwatches have built-in 4GB memory to store the images, files & audio & video songs. Yes, you can save more than 200 songs on Galaxy Watch, Watch Active, or latest Watch Active 2 wearables. Samsung watches are best to help you in the workout sessions and the music player & video player apps will make it even better. The company’s by default music player is available in the Galaxy Store to listen to saved music. Apart from that world’s best online music streaming & video streaming apps are also present for these three smartwatches.

If you are the person who likes to do workout steps by listening to songs then we recommend you some best music & video apps. You can play, play next, play previous and pause the video or audio songs. Even some music streaming apps will allow us to download the songs and listen later in offline mode when there is no internet connectivity. These are the best music & video apps on Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Galaxy Watch Active 2.

Best Galaxy Watch 3 & Active 2 Music Apps

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

1. Spotify

Want the best music streaming app, then Spotify is here for you. It offers thousands of great songs from various languages. Most of the songs are in English though you can get popular songs from your native language. Spotify & Samsung has made a deal in which you can listen to songs in offline mode. Very few smartwatches have this offline feature like Garmin smartwatches, Fitbit Versa 2 & Apple Watch Series. Though you can download any songs on new watches, you have to first subscribe to their premium plans on your paired smartphone.

2. Music

It is Samsung’s music player for Galaxy & Gear smartwatches. You can play music on the wearable that you have saved. It also controls the music on your smartphone, where you can play, pause, play next & previous track. You can create your favorite playlist to listen to it anywhere. The app supports Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 smartwatches. It has made by Samsung itself and doesn’t offer to many functions. Despite that, it is the best free app to use.

3. Tidal

Another best music streaming app on Samsung wearables. It has launched to motivate users in a workout session. You can choose the top songs for workouts and also download them to play in offline mode. The main moto of Tidal is to provide relaxation songs, tunes, and motivational songs. That’s the reason you will see more fitness-related music in Tidal. Some songs are free and you can unlock some with a premium subscription. For now, as a promotion, the company offers you free services.

Best Galaxy Watch video player apps

4. GTube

It is a video player app that you can use to play YouTube video songs on your tiny screen. The GTube – Player for YouTube is a paid app but worthy of watching videos. It is a simple app that allows you to play songs on your smartwatch. You can watch videos in fullscreen mode and can search for your favorite songs. It is an online streaming app so you need a good internet connection to play YouTube videos.

5. Gear Video Player Pro

The app to watch videos from your Galaxy Watch’s library. You can transfer videos from your smartphone and watch them using the app. It supports videos in MP4, Avi & 3GP formats. You can use the rotating bezel to fast forward and backward. It has features like repeat, shuffles, and three different video screen sizes. The Gear Pro app is available for $1.99 in the Galaxy Store.

6. Watch Tube

In the Galaxy Store, there are many apps, which don’t have any reviews from users. The Watch Tube is such an app, which is waiting for a review. It is a simple, YouTube streaming app, which lets you watch YouTube videos on the new watches. You start, play next, play previous, pause, and zoom the videos. In the next update, the developers might add new features. Till then, you can give it a try.

All the listed apps are available in Samsung Galaxy Store. If you don’t see some of them on your newest smartwatch, then give some time to developers to develop it. If you want to recommend your favorite music or video apps, then feel free to drop your words. We will add your favorite app to the above list.