The Fitbit Versa, Ionic & Versa 2 are the company’s flagship smartwatches that both counts in good sales. First-generation Versa is in the market for a year and still it is getting essential updates from the company. Recently, it has received the update to gain Spotify access on the smartwatch. The music app was firstly introduced on Versa 2 watch and now it comes to the older version. The other Versa family member Versa Lite is also lucky to get the Spotify along with Fitbit Ionic smartwatch. It is not only the primary app in the Fitbit Galley, but we are also here to give you a list of some best apps to run on Versa family wearables.

The Amazon Alexa integration is another breakthrough for Versa 2. With the launch of the smartwatch, the company finally decided to tie-up with Amazon to build Alexa personal voice assistant on Versa 2. Apart from these two leading apps, some other apps that can be useful for the watch and gives most of them are available in store. The below are the best apps for Fitbit Versa, Versa 2 & Versa Lite smartwatches.

1. Exercise

Best Fitbit Apps

Fitbit wearables are well known for fitness purposes. The watches comes with lots of pre-installed tools to use fitness sessions. The newly introduced Fitbit Premium service is also part of the company’s effort to give the best results. If you are not satisfied with these services then you can use Exercise app, the Fitbit’s own fitness app for all users. It will track all your steps and guide you to reach your daily goal.

Download: Exercise

2. Strava

Another best fitness app in the market that provides everything to runners and for other fitness-centric people. The app will sync all the activities from your device to the app to guide you in every workout session. Use it for cycling, running and share your photos with your friends as well as your top scores.

Download: No need to install (Pre-installed)

3. The New York Times

We know you may not need this app to use in daily life. You can read the New York Times paper on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Even though sometimes you have to read it on your smartwatch and the well managed The New York Times app is the best newsreader. Explore the latest headlines and read the news in summary. The texts are elegant and readable on this tiny watch.

Download: (Currently Unavailable)

4. Spotify

Best Fitbit Apps

It is the best music streaming service on the Fitbit Versa, Versa Lite, Versa 2 & even on Ionic model. The Versa 2 offers 4GB internal storage to the customers. That means you can save up to 300 songs in the offline modes. If you think that is not enough and want to listen to more music online as per your mood then Spotify can stream any songs for you. Access thousands of songs, save them in your favourite list, find it by genre and also use the Spotify Connect feature on the go.

Download: Spotify

5. Home Connect

Home Connect will show you how capable your Fitbit watch is and what it can do for you. You can connect all your IoT based home appliances to the watch via connecting the Home Connect app. Check the status of your washing machine, start your coffee machine or preheat your oven. The app is helpful in many ways. It incorporates different brands in the market and makes better IoT gadgets that can connect and make your life better.

Download: Home Connect

6. Uber for Fitbit

One of the essential app for all users including, smartphones & tablets. The taxi calling app, Uber is available on Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, Apple Series watches, Android watches & even on another wearable device due to the necessity. Install the app and know all the details about the cars and its driver. Book your taxi and know its status. Get the app from the Fitbit store from paired smartphones for your Fitbit watch.

Download: Uber

7. Pandora

Best Fitbit Apps

Pandora is now part of Apple’s company. It provides the best music streaming service to the users and it is available in the store for Fitbit users. It mostly popular with US users so you will see lots of English songs. It offers free as well as paid services. You can sync music on your smartphone via Wi-Fi and then listen to them offline on the smartwatch. After Spotify, it has wide access to the music on the Fitbit platform.

Download: Pandora

8. Find My Phone

After the release of Fitbit Versa 3 & Fitbit Sense, the company has added new apps and features. Fitbit wearables have received Find my Phone, SpO2 Tracker, Google Assistant, and ECG functions. In the list, Find my Phone supports all the previous smartwatches. It is must have app, if you have habit to forget your phone at any place. Install the app, and see the magic. Next time, when you lost your mobile in home or office, then start the app and your piared device will start ringing.

Download: Find my Phone

Fitbit gives you choices to choose some best apps though these are the best apps for Versa, Versa 2 & Versa Lite smartwatches. To download the apps, go to Fitbit mobile app on your paired smartphone and install them. All the listed apps are free but some will ask you for money to unlock premium services.

By Madhav Biradar

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