Uber App On Galaxy Watch, Watch Active & Active 2

Uber is an essential app for every smartphone user to pick-up the ride. It is the most preferred taxi sharing service in many countries. The official app for smartphones is already available for Android & Apple smartphones as well as it launched on Apple Watches & Android wearables a long time ago. Now the Uber app is available on Samsung smartwatches. It firstly introduced on Samsung Gear S2 and later it updated on Gear S3 & Gear Sport watches. The Uber app is now available for Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2 with its all premium as well as low-cost features.

It is an official app, so you don’t have to worry about its core features; you will get all the elements within the app. The lack of apps always been the problem of Tizen watches. The missing apps WhatsApp Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and others are still tricky to use on the Galaxy Watch. The Uber app, on the other hand, is developed by the official team so you will be sure to get new features & security updates from time to time.

Uber on Galaxy Watch Active 2

Uber on Galaxy Watch

It is now easy to get a reliable ride in your city or when you are in a new town. In this situation, the Uber app is essential for every user. Open the Uber app, call the taxi as per your cost, and get your ride within a few minutes. It is easy to get a journey, and you can also track your taxi live by using the in-app navigation feature. Uber rides are available in more than 630+ cities across the world, so in all major cities, you can use the Uber services.

Sadly, at this moment you need your paired smartphone with you to use Uber on the watch. It will only work on your Galaxy Watch if the Uber app is installed & logged in on your paired smartphone. It may change in future app updates so you won’t need a phone to book a ride.

The additional features UberX, UberPOOL, and UberBlack are also at your service to leave you at your destination within time & low-cost. To use the Uber app on Samsung Galaxy watch, Galaxy Watch Active & Active 2, go to the Galaxy Store and download it. To pair the app, you need to download the Uber app on your paired Android or Apple smartphone. The Uber app is in the essential app list of Samsung for its wearable devices.

8 thoughts on “Uber App On Galaxy Watch, Watch Active & Active 2

    Uber on Watch Active2 is not working.
    As Epstein posted, the app started on the watch initializes an installement on the Android Phone (whether already installed on the phone or not) and the link (coded in the UBER app for Galaxy Store) is a dead end. “item not found”.

  2. Could not get Uber working on Galaxy Watch connected to my Samsung Note 10+
    The companion app for the watch loads on the phone, but fails log in to Uber. It still prompts to enter favorites, but does not search after any address is entered. On the watch the app just displays “Uber” with a spinning graphic…
    Normal Android Uber app working fine on the phone.

  3. I have an active 2 LTE paired with a Pixel 3. I’ve installed Uber on the watch but get an error message on the phone Play Store App when I try to pair the watch Uber on the already installed phone Uber app – Item Not Found [RETRY]. The watch Uber gives an error message: Finding Location – The Login Information is Incorrect. Uber works fine on the phone. I tried deleting the app on the phone and watch and reinstalling without success. Any help appreciated!

  4. The whole point of me getting excited about getting galaxy watch for Uber is to order an Uber with your watch and not your phone being with you. I got the watch and connected it with my cell service just so when I go out at night, leave phone home and can still call and text (which work) but also I use Uber when I go out and that was the final selling point for me to get it. Wish they told me at Verizon store that the Uber app really is nothing because it won’t work unless you have phone with you…I rather use my phone if that was the case, lol it is basically pointless unless you get fooled like I did

  5. Why can’t I see the prices on the watch screen? In DC the prices change so frequently, its not smart to blindly call for an uber.

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