How to Use SpO2 on Fitbit Sense & Versa 3

At the beginning of 2020, Fitbit has activated the SpO2 function on its major smartwatches & fitness trackers. Now, Fitbit Sense, Versa 3, Versa 2, Fitbit Charge 3, Charge 4 & Fitbit Ionic wearables have this feature. It is last in the game, but not behind Samsung & Apple. With SpO2, the company has opened possibilities for users to check their blood oxygen level in the body. The SpO2 function on Fitbit devices is different than the function which we get on Zepp, Apple & Samsung watches. You can measure blood oxygen on your Fitbit, but not anytime.

It gets measurement when you sleep and shows you result when you wake up. It is not the case with Galaxy Watch 3 or Apple Watch Series 6. You can continuously check SpO2 whenever you want. Fitbit also checking BP monitoring on its new Fitbit Sense, and it is now in testing mode. Till then, you can use this function in this pandemic when everyone is recommending it. Before telling you how to use it, I advise you to don’t make any decisions based on the results. The results may vary compared to the real measurement. Here is the simple way to use SpO2 on Fitbit Sense & Versa 3.

SpO2 on Fitbit Sense & Versa 3

SpO2 on Fitbit Sense

1. Download Spo2 Tracker app

The first step in the method is to download the SpO2 tracker app from the Fitbit Gallery. It is required to get the measurement, so download and install the app. You can get the app from the App section of the Fitbit app.

2. Now go to Sleep

Yes, you heard right. As I said, Fitbit only measures blood oxygen saturation when you sleep at night. It means you have to sleep.

3. In the morning, sync your smartwatch

Now, when you wake in the morning, you have to synchronize your Fitbit Sense or Versa 3 with the Fitbit app. This way, you can transfer watch data to the paired smartphone.

4. Open Health Metrics tab

All the results taken by the Fitbit device will store here. You can see your SpO2 data from this section. You can open the Health Metrics tab from the Fitbit app.

5. To see results on the watch, open the SpO2 watch face

The second method is that you can get it from the SpO2 clock face or watch face. The SpO2 watch face is available in the Clock Face gallery. Install it, and see results from the device.

Now, you can check your SpO2 value anytime from the wearables. It is good when your SpO2 is above 93%. You have to worry when it is 90%-92%, and anything below it is very low. When your score is below 90%, then you should contact your doctor for further help. Note that, in any condition, don’t take any medicine based on these results. You must contact your doctor for further assistance.