How to View WhatsApp on Honor Band 5 & Band 6

The massive success of Honor Band 5 in many countries give a boost to the company to create another advanced tracker. It is the reason we can see plenty of changes on the new Honor Band 6 over the previous smart bands. The main change is its large 1.47-inch AMOLED touchscreen, which is huge than the previous Honor Band 5i. The benefits of having a large display let users see detailed content and smart notifications on a single screen. With the launch of Band 6, Honor has minimized the gap between smartwatch and fitness tracker like Honor Watch GS Pro & Band 6.

The new bands also allow you to see Smart notifications from social media accounts. Both trackers show messages received from WhatsApp Messenger. The Honor Band 6 is innovative in this area and displays all the content in the message. Users always ask me how to receive all those WhatsApp messages on the fitness tracker, so they could stay informed while doing exercises or meetings. In 2021, smart bands are not only mean to check your health but also give you important features like smart notifications, camera & music controllers. In this tutorial, we will look at how to use WhatsApp on Honor Band 5, Band 5i & Band 6.

WhatsApp on Honor Band

1. Open the Huawei Health app

Even after Honor has been sold out by parent company Huawei, it still uses Huawei’s resources. It also uses the Huawei Health app to pair your Honor Watches & Bands to Android & Apple smartphones. Install the app from iOS App Store or Play Store, and then open it.

2. Go to Devices

The Devices tab is available on the main screen. You can see it near your profile tab. This tab contains all your paired watches & smart bands. Tap on devices to go further.

3. Tap on your Honor Band

In the list of all your paired wearables, you will get the name of your paired band. Select Honor Band 5, Band 5i, or Band 6 from the list.

4. Go to Notifications

Now you are on the first screen of the Huawei Health app, and the settings of your Honor Band. In the plenty of options, here is the Notifications option available. Scroll down the page, if you don’t see it. It is right under the Watch faces section. Open Notifications function to complete remaining tasks.

5. Turn on the Notification toggle

In the notification area, you have to enable toggle to open the door. See the button, in front of the Notification option. If it is disabled, then activate it.

6. Scroll down until you see WhatsApp

When you Turn On the Notification option, then all the eligible apps that could receive messages will be activated. On the below side, you can see all the downloaded apps from your smartphone including text SMS & others. Here is the WhatsApp.

7. Activate WhatsApp toggle

To save the battery on the band, most of the installed apps have been disabled in the notifications area. You can turn them one by one. You can activate the toggle in front of WhatsApp to receive all the messages, Audio & video call notifications.

The reply option for WhatsApp is yet to come to these Honor Bands. Like premium smartwatches, all the fitness trackers could soon get a reply option. Also, the images, audio & video inside WhatsApp will not support the smart band.