How to Use Heart Rate Tracking on Honor Band 5 & Band 6

As the more companies making fitness trackers in the market, the competition for unique functions. Honor is now in the game with the ranges of the new bands. The Honor Band 6, Band 5 & Band 5i is the latest fitness bands, offers essential features in the workout sessions. These trackers have aimed for better health while you are doing your daily work or monitoring your body fitness. The SpO2 or blood oxygen level is also the new function that Honor added on the original Band 5 & Band 6 trackers.

The main work of any tracker or smartwatches from Apple, Samsung, Fitbit, to Huami, Xiaomi, Huawei & Honor is to monitor the user’s heart rate. Since the beginning of the rise of trackers from 2015, HR tracking is a must-have feature. It tells you about the health of your heart and alerts you if there is anything abnormal. For Honor, band 4 was the most accurate in tracking health data, and the new Band 5 & Band 6 is even better in many conditions. If you are the proud owner of Honor Bands, then you must know how to use it.

The Band 5 & band 6 let you use HR continuously 24/7 as well as set the limit for High heart rate alert & Low heart rate alert for every 10 minutes.

How to see Heart Rate on Honor Band

Heart Rate Tracking on Honor Band

1. Wear Honor Band 5 & 6 tightly

2. Now slide down & press on Heart Rate icon

3. Now don’t move your hand & stay still for a few seconds

4. Successfully, it will tell you about your heart rate in BPM

How to set continuous Heart Rate from Huawei Watch app

1. Open Huawei Watch

2. Tap on Profile & then on Your device

3. Scroll down & tap on Continuous heart rate monitoring

4. By Default, It is disabled. Enable it

5. Below you will see High HR & low HR Alert options

6. Click on ‘Disabled’ to enable & enter high & low alert values

Now, when you set the limits, it will alert you when your heart rate goes below or above these values.

For example. If you have placed a high HR alert to 130 BPM, then if suddenly your heart rates go above 130 BPM, then it will alert you. The same goes for low HR alert; if you have set it to 50 BPM, then it will inform you about low heart rates below 50 BPM.

It is the best option for your health. For a reason, your HR increases or decreases, then you can show it to your doctor for further precautions or treatments. Finally, you are ready to use heart rate monitoring on your Honor Bands. You can see your HR tracking history from the Huawei Health app.