How to Use Night Mode on Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6

These days all the smartphones and smartwatches are getting Night Mode function. After the release of Android 10 & iOS 13 software versions, we have seen a sudden hike in this change. Now the trend of dark mode has come to Mi Band 4 & Mi Band 6 fitness trackers. The main benefit of night mode is it can save battery life with some percentage and also it provides better visibility in the night or low light area. In the Night Mode, all the colors go to dim, except black, because it doesn’t require too much energy to light up, hence it saves lots of battery. The Mi Band 4 (Mi Smart Band 4 in India), Mi Band 5 & Mi Band 6 have the night mode feature since its launching.

By default, the night mode is turned off on the wearables but that is easy to enable if you need it. In daylight, most of the customers increase the brightness of their Mi Bands but later forget to turn it at a low level. In such a case, you can use this function as when it will automatically start night mode after sunset. Thought, you don’t have to worry about the battery life of Mi Band 4, Band 5 & Band 6, it is better to have an option. You can also schedule it manually at night when you need it most. I will show you how to use Night Mode on Mi Band series wearables. Here are the steps you can follow.

Night Mode on Mi Band 6

1. Open Mi Fit app

2. Now open ‘Profile’

3. You will see Mi Band 4 in My Devices, Open it

Mi Band 4

4. On next screen, scroll down below until you see ‘Night Mode‘ option

Mi Band 4 Tips

5. Click on Night Mode

6. Next, you will see ‘Set Night Mode

Mi Band 4 Tips

7. You have two options – Turn on after Sunset & Schedule turn on time

Mi Band 4 Tips

As per your requirement, you can choose any one option to activate night mode. When you enable ‘Turn on after Sunset’ then it will automatically activate after the sunset. The second option gives you control to enable it at a given time.

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The Mi Bands have longer battery life than Honor Band 6 & Oppo Band that will lead you to almost over 20 days. Still, night mode is a good option if you don’t want to burn the battery or need a better view in a low light area. Follow these simple steps & activate the dark mode. If you find any trouble in these steps then drop your words in the comments box below.