Samsung Activates ECG on Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has finally activated ECG or Electrocardiogram feature on Galaxy Watch Active 2. For now, South Korea is the only country where the users can use it, as the company has got green signal. It may be the marketing strategy of Samsung to enable the function right after the launching of Galaxy Watch 3. Samsung was previously promised to release the function in the first of this year, but later postponed it. Due to the lack of permission from the authorities it delayed again, but in May it received necessary certificate from the MFDS, so finally Samsung opened this function for Active 2 users, at least in the home country. Users need to download & install Samsung Health Monitor app on the watch & on the paired smartphone to use it.

On the Galaxy Watch Active 2, the ECG function will tell you about Atrial Fibrillation or AFib & Sinus rhythm. It gives Sinus rhythm when there is nothing wrong, and it gives results of Atrial Fibrillation when the heart rates is more than usual. There are also two more outputs, Judgement failure & Signal failure, when the measurement is wrong or value is incorrect, respectively, so users won’t panic. The use of ECG is very simple. Wear the Galaxy Watch Active 2 tightly on your wrist. Open the Samsung Health Monitor app, tap on ECG tab & press Measurement. It will take 30 seconds to give the output. After that, you can check the results on the watch or on smartphone.

SpO2 on Galaxy Watch Active 2

Samsung has already said that, don’t get any treatment based on this function. You better visit the doctor, if you found anything unusual. It warned it could be dangerous to take medicines by only getting the ECG results. The Users in the US may also get the feature soon, as Samsung received certification from FDA to release ECG function on Galaxy Watch 3 & Galaxy Watch Active 2. Apple’s two premium watches Apple Watch Series 4 & Series 5 has this feature for the US users, and now Samsung’s two watches will join the club. It is not a software update, the users in South Korea can just go to the app and will find ECG tab is enabled for use.

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