Top 10 Apps for Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra

In the saturated app market, it becomes very difficult to search for new apps that differentiate themselves from popular apps. Finding the new apps doesn’t mean they will be less productive than the favorite apps. Many apps are giving tough competition to the world-famous apps. For example, WhatsApp Messenger is the favorite app for many users, though Signal is no less than WhatsApp in any way and it also offers many features. The Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra are this year’s flagship phones, so I will keep them in mind when choosing the best apps for them.

For the users who use Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Google apps, and some other essential apps are easy to get them. Also, the apps or services like SmartThings Find has introduced with Galaxy S21 series on the launching day. On the other hand, many users want to try new & trending apps, due to their exclusive features. All three smartphones launched with over 6-inch screens and that gives extra space to deliver better results. To taste the best apps from the regular one, go with these best Galaxy S21, S21+ & S21 Ultra apps.

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra apps

1. Signal Private Messenger

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

I am starting this list with Signal Private Messenger, which is now on the trending list for a reason. It found itself in the news when WhatsApp changed the privacy policy of the app. It is not the reason you should use the app, but yes, at this moment, Signal never stores your data and never share it with third-party companies.

You can chat with friends, create groups, share with broadcast, use emojis, audio & video calls, and many features worth using. The app is available in the Play Store for the Galaxy S21 lineup.

Get: Signal

2. Lion VPN

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

In many countries, governments ban some sites for a reason, but the problem is some users need those apps. In such a way, we can get the help of VPN services. It doesn’t mean, you are doing something wrong, but the laws & rules in every country change according to their circumstances.

In this situation, the best VPN services allow you to unblock those apps or websites. For example, In India, the recently Government has banned many Chinese apps & websites. In that not all apps are harmful like AliExpress or Alibaba, so you can use the Lion VPN service to use it.

Get: Lion VPN

3. Simpan

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

The newly launched note-taking app and a direct rival to the Evernote app. EverNote is in the market for a long time and now most of the online users are related to it. The Simpan is on the other hand a new app in the market and made with such a corner that you will miss on Evernote.

Create a note, your special recipes, store your little secrets, save music lines, and many more. For protection, there is a password & fingerprint security to apply. You can also import the files to the SD card as a backup and then restore it. The Simpan could be your next note-saving app for Galaxy S21 series.

Get: Simpan

4. Zoom Cloud Meetings

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

The words work from home & online meetings are on the trend since the pandemic started. The companies declared work from home for the employees and meetings to hold online. For online video chatting Skype, Google Meet, WhatsApp video calling, and Zoom Cloud Meetings come into mind. The most preferred and full HD supported app is Zoom supports up to 100 members for free without any interruption.

You can arrange the meeting and send invitation links to the members, employees, or your students for online classes. The members don’t need a login ID to attend the zoom call, but if you are arranging the call then you must create an account. With the premium service, you can again unlock many services like unlimited group calls.

Get: Zoom

5. Box

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

With the box, you can securely save your files, images, videos & other documents in the cloud. Dropbox was the early service to offer cloud saving, later Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive, Apple Drive and more services came into the business. The Box is also from the early days and now received an award for its services. it offers free 10 GB of data to save all of your files, and if you exceed free storage then you can go with paid prices. The app you can find in the Google Play Store.

Get: Box

6. Alpha Launcher Pro

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

The new set of wallpapers and theme for your Galaxy S21 Ultra and the other devices. It includes lots of interfaces to change the default one and give fresh looks. Most users are scared to try new wallpapers, live themes, or interfaces because they eat lots of battery power and that is somehow true. It needs a true developer to make a masterpiece that doesn’t it too much battery life, and you can try Alpha Launcher Pro. With lots of customization, you can use the app on the phone.

Get: Alpha Launcher

7. Discord

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

Tired of joining many chatting apps in your favorite communities? Then try the Discord – Talk, Video Chat, and hang out with friends apps. It is a new place to talk and share your views with other users. You can say it is a combination of Reddit & Telegram. Start the hashtag for the new topic and let the community share their thoughts. You can use text, audio, video, emojis, and other formats to express your mind. Try out the new Discord app and find new friends or invite the existing ones.

Get: Discord

8. Scanner App to PDF

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

In many ways, you have to save your files in PDF formats and share them. You can create files or just write any note on paper and scan it to the app. It is the best rival to the CamScanner, though it has been banned in India. Indian users can use it and complete their tasks.

It also produces PNG files and shares them with social media apps and services. the quality created files are high quality and don’t take up too much space. It is a free app in the store and supports every country.

Get: Scanner App

9. Discovery+

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

All your favorite science shows & documentaries are available in one place, thanks to the new Discovery+. It is the treasure of all the shows from science, space, technology, history, business, nature, animals, bio graphics, brain games, and many more. In every country, you will find curated shows for that particular country plus some popular shows.

Don’t want to miss an episode of Man Vs Wild, Expedition Unknown, Pawn Shop, Walking with Levison Wood, and other famous shows, then install the Discovery+ app. With the 4K support on Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21+ & Galaxy S21 Ultra you will get an amazing view.

Get: Discovery+

10. TouchRetouch

Best Galaxy S21 Ultra Apps

You can say it is a magical app, that comes to save your memorable photos. It is worth every penny to its $1.99 price and you can feel that when you purchase it. Many times it happens when you click one fine picture and later find out you also clicked unwanted objects.

Like when you capture an image on the beach and find out you also got trash, bottles, and other unwanted obstacles, then use TouchRetouch. Just with your magic touch you can remove those unwanted items from the photos and make them memorable.

Get: TouchRetouch

I have covered all the apps from all the categories, except a camera. In the next article, I will cover all the apps from photography to enhance the camera quality. These are my favorite apps for the Galaxy S21 trio. You can add any other app, that is worthy to this list.