How to Use Telegram & Signal on Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7 & Watch SE

After the change in WhatsApp privacy policy, most of the users are on their way to leaving the app. Users are worried about the privacy of the data and how the company will deal with it. WhatsApp is already said it will share the data with Facebook for various purposes. Now because of that, many users searching for other messaging apps. The best alternative for WhatsApp is Telegram & Signal apps. Both are famous and at least now they provide a better privacy policy with nearly all similar features.

The good news is Telegram app is available in the App Store. You can use Telegram Messenger on iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch. Yes, it supports on Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, Series 5, Series 6, Watch SE & new Series 7 models. The experience to use Telegram on Apple Watch is quite similar to its companion app on the iPhone 12 or iPad Pro. Still, there is another way, if don’t want to install native apps and just want to receive incoming messages.

The same goes with Signal Messenger, you can get all the essential messages, group chats, and other notifications on the smartwatch. Let’s start with how to use Telegram & Signal on Apple Watch Series 6, Series 7 & Watch SE.

Telegram & Signal on Apple Watch

Telegram on Apple Watch SE

1. Install Telegram & Signal apps on paired iPhone

2. On iPhone Settings – Notifications

3. Scroll down below & tap on Telegram

4. Activate Allow Notifications & show them in the Notification center

5. Again in the Settings – Notifications, open Signal

6. Activate Allow notifications & show them in the Notification center

7. Now open the Watch app on iPhone

8. In the Watch app, open Notifications

9. Go below, and until finding Telegram & Signal

10. Enable the toggle to receive messages

These are the simple ten steps you can go through to receive all the notifications. Signal Messenger is the new app, and currently going through many changes, though it will give you the best experience. Make sure, the do not disturb or flight mode is not active on your iPhone, otherwise, you won’t get any messages. The best part about the Apple Watch is you can reply to or delete messages.

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