Best Google Pixel Watch Apps

Pixel Watch has finally arrived in the market with lots of hopes. It will definitely boost the confidence of users in the Wear OS platform. Along with Galaxy Watch 5, Fossil Gen 6 & TicWatch Pro 3, the new Pixel Watch will also increase the sales numbers. When the Pixel Watch launched in the market, it received mixed ratings. Users like its unique design, cool watch faces, decent battery life, and everyday performance. We also look at its exclusive apps as well as third-party apps.

Going with the Wear OS software, you will find thousands of apps in the Play Store. What matter the most is, finding top-quality apps. It is the first-generation Google smartwatch. It may have some lags and other issues to deliver performance. Aside from all these, I am presenting you some best Google Pixel Watch apps that deliver excellent performance.

Go through these hand-picked Play Store apps for your daily needs.

1. Google Camera

Best Pixel Watch Apps

All the smartwatches come with camera controller apps and you will also find them on Google watch. In the store, you can get lots of camera control apps, and the good news is official app is also available. Samsung has a Camera Controller, Huawei has a Phone Remote Camera, and Xiaomi has Camera Control tools in the store. Google Camera works with Pixel Watch to take a shot, switch between cameras, set a timer, or take a group selfie. All you can do with the Google Camera app.

Download: Google Camera

2. Sleep Cycle

Best Pixel Watch Apps

To find your sleep quality and to maintain it with a smartwatch is the first priority of many users. The default sleep tracking tool is enough to measure your daily sleep, and if you need advanced options, then you can get Sleep Cycle. The benefit to use the app is it includes advanced sleep parameters along with a snore-detection function. You can detect your snore pattern with its premium services.

Download: Sleep Cycle

3. YouTube Music

Best Pixel Watch Apps

It is insane to tell Pixel Watch users to listen to their favorite music with this official app. YouTube Music has launched with Galaxy Watch 4, and since then it dominates in music streaming category. Listen to all the songs, stream online, download offline, make them favorites, create a library, or play recent tracks. Download YT Music on the device, and go on your daily workout by listening to good music or podcasts.

Download: YouTube Music

4. Samsung Internet Browser

Best Pixel Watch Apps

I always told my readers, Samsung Internet Browser is probably the best smartwatch app that users always wanted. With one app, you can unlock many possibilities. You can watch YouTube videos, go through tweets, check your Facebook wall, and visit Instagram posts. You can also open Reddit communities, read website articles, or search Google or other search engines for more information. It is all possible with an Internet Browser. Thanks to Samsung to let all Wear OS users use it.

Download: Samsung Internet Browser

5. Microsoft Outlook

Best Pixel Watch Apps

Google Pixel Watch doesn’t have its own Gmail app. The company never tried to launch an official app. The developer team might thigh about it later, but till then, you can use its rival app Microsoft Outlook. It is an official app, and it will do everything to deliver all your emails. You can reply to the emails, mark them as unread, flag, pin, archive, and delete them. It is a must-have app for every smartwatch, especially for Pixel Watch.

Download: Microsoft Outlook

6. Komoot

Best Pixel Watch Apps

It is a perfect app for any outdoor workout enthusiast. The first goal of any wearable is to motivate users to stay fit. The Komoot app is for hiking, trekking, and other adventure trips. It provides offline maps of unknown routes with a backtrack feature. It will also guide you with live location, location sharing, and the best route planner. It supports multi-devices and multi-smartwatches like Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch & Garmin watch.

Download: Komoot

7. Spotify

Best Pixel Watch Apps

We have listed it here because of its importance to every user. I have listed YouTube Music, but still, you can’t deny it. Spotify is one of the largest apps with almost all songs on earth. Name the song, and you will find it on Spotify. In the recent update, Spotify now supports offline music and an independent app on the watch. With the premium subscription, it will let you access the whole library without ads.

Download: Spotify

In the future, I will dig more into the Play Store to search for quality as well most essential apps. The new Pixel Watch has the potential to become the first companion in every activity. With these apps, you can expand its boundaries and capabilities.