10 Games for Google Pixel 7 Series That Are Top of the World

The all-new Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro are two monster phones, packed with all the goodies. You can choose any one of the devices as per your daily needs; both Google smartphones are best to play high-graphics games. Pixel 7 series comes with a fine display and a powerful processor to enjoy any gaming on the device. It offers longer battery life to remove any disturbance between you and your gaming session. Google has created it to match the hardware and software versions and the new Android 13 version has lots in the library to offer you.

The larger Pixel 7 Pro smartphone will cover all the needs that you require while playing console-quality games. It has 12GB RAM, 512GB storage, a Google Tensor G2 processor, and a 5000mAh battery to run it last longer. You can say, these smartphones will allow you to play any PlayStation or Xbox quality games without any glitches or slowness. The new Google Pixel series phones are comparable to the iPhone 14 series, iPhones 13 series, Galaxy S22 Series & Galaxy Note 20 series devices. To get the most out of it, here are the top 10 best high graphics games for Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro smartphones.

Best Google Pixel 7 Pro Games

1. Call of Duty: Mobile

Best Google Pixel Games

It is now the most trending game in Android Play Store & iOS App Store. To show the real power of Pixel phones, Call of Duty: Mobile is the best game. It is a multiplayer game and rival to PUBG & Fortnite. It is late into the race but comes with the best graphics, rich visual effects, and engaging content. It is free to download in Play Store and best curated to play on both smartphones.

Download: Call of Duty

2. Castle crush: Epic Battle

The castle Crush: Epic Battle is perfect for those who want to play strategy games. You will experience rich content, eye-dropping visual effects, ideal character building, and surroundings. It is a multi-player game but different than the other games in the same category. You need an internet connection to play it and it is free to download.

Download: Castle Crush

3. Minecraft

No one will forget the Minecraft game by Mojang developers. It was the selling content on Xbox and now still trending on Android as well as iPhone devices. Explore the world and find out many obstacles and another surprise item. Even you will get your dream home or castle by using your creative mind. Minecraft is available in-store for $6.99.

Download: Minecraft

4. The White Door

You may never suffer from memory loss but the character in The White Door has lost his memory. One day he wakes in the morning and realizes that he is not memorizing anything. Now you must help him to find his lost consciousness from scratch. You will not see such games in Play Store. We are glad that some game developers are doing their best to keep Play Store creative. It is selling for $3.99 in the Play Store.

Download: The White Door

5. Star Diffusion

Best Google Pixel Games

Find your missing daughter on an artificial planet and save her from deadly creatures. The Star Diffuson is a shooting game that will examine your shooting skills. Play the role of Reynold, the Galaxy Patrol officer who returned from duty and now finding his missing daughter. Use many weapons as you can and finish the unknown creatures that attacked your homeland. It has received reasonable ratings from users and is available for $4.99 with a limited discount price.

Download: Star Diffusion

6. RussianCar: Simulator

You may have been surprised why there is no racing genre on the list. Well, here is the RussianCar: Simulator for racers and all the other fans. It is a simulator game so you can do anything that you want to do in real life. It has shown the era of the ’90s and the look is matching to that period. Choose a car, truck, or other vehicle and roam around the city. You will get guidance to do many cool kinds of stuff in the gameplay. It comes for $0.99 on your Google Pixel 7 phones.

Download: Russian car

7. Cover Fire

These days you won’t see too many offline games on smartphones. Most of the developers are trying to bring you online. Still, some developers create the best offline games. Cover Fire is also one of them. Become a sniper and shoot your enemy in the given time. You will face many obstacles though you have to complete your mission to lead into the next mission or level. Don’t worry about your internet connection, install Cover Fire and start to play it.

Download: Cover Fire

8. Football Strike

If you have finished FIFA Soccer or you want to try something new, then Football Soccer is here. Football fans may like this game as it has received mixed reviews in the Google Play Store. You can challenge any player online or play against your friends and shock them with your amazing kicks. The graphics, special effects, background score, and gameplay, will engage you for many hours. The game is available for free in Play Store.

Download: Football Strike

9. Agent A

Play the award-winning Excellence game of 2018 on your Google Pixel devices. You are a super agent, the same as James Bond or 007 and your mission is to save your colleagues. The lousy character known as Ruby is targeting other agents and now you must capture her. Follow her, find her and stop her from doing any additional damage to your headquarter. Agent A can be yours for $0.99 from Android Play Store.

Download: Agent A

10. Thimbleweed park

Best Google Pixel Games

Five people have a departure to the unknown park, where people live barely. It is a haunted place and they have to deal with every site. Find out what is happening there and know each other. You will love the engaging drama of Thimbleweed Park. The graphics of the game will remind you of the older games although it will not affect your gameplay. It is the most expensive game on our list that comes with a $9.99 price tag.

Download: Thimbleweed Park

The Android Play Store has plenty of high graphics games to choose from for your Google Pixel 7 & Pixel 7 Pro smartphones. You can add those names to the list or share it with other readers in the below comment box. Download & play all these games and then share your experience with us.

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