Playing Games on Fire-Boltt Watches

As smartwatches are becoming more advanced, companies are finding new ways to pack everything into them. A few years back, they were just health gadgets with minimal features. Now, along with health features, you can make calls, send messages, install apps, and even play games on it. You may not believe it, but some companies are started offering games on their watches. And one such company is Fore-Boltt.

On every Fire-Boltt smartwatch, you can find at least 2 games to play. I know it is not an ideal device. It is not normal to play games on such tiny screens, but Apple & Samsung offer it, so why not Fire-Boltt? Whether it is Fire-Boltt Terminator, Gladiator, Supernova, Legacy, or Ninja series, all come with pre-installed games. Here I will review all those games, and tell you how was my experience with them.

Play Fire-boltt Games

To show you how to play games on these watches, I am using the new Fire-Boltt Terminator, which has excellent features. Let’s start and see if we can really play games on smartwatches.

1. 2048 Game

Play Fire-boltt Games

Let’s start with the 2048 Game. The popular board game is now available on watches. You will get it on every Fire-Boltt watch as it doesn’t require much space & power.

These kinds of games are suitable for smaller screens, and you don’t need too many controllers to make a move. It is for sure a time-killing game, and you can definitely play it for a few minutes. Not bad right? The 2048 Game is really made for a tiny screen, which doesn’t affect storage or battery.

I give 5 out of 5 to this game.

2. Thunder Battleship

Play Fire-boltt Games

The second one is Thunder Battleship. Now this will challenge you here. It needs speed that the watch doesn’t have. Of course, it is not a high graphics game or console-quality game, but still, it requires a faster chip. In the beginning, you can play it without any hiccups, but after some time it is hard to control.

But it is not here to play for an hour but to kill your free time, so I will give 2 out of five to the game.

3. Young Bird

Play Fire-boltt Games

Lastly, there is Young Bird, the clone of the famous Flappy Bird game. If you play it on iPhone 14, Galaxy S23, Pixel 7, or any flagship model, it will definitely challenge you. No one can say he is the best in this game. Play it on a smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch, you can’t go far.

Good that it is responsive and you can safely fly your bird through the pipes. No, not me. It is impossible for me to achieve a new score. It now depends on your skills and how far you can go with it.

For Young Bird, I give 4 out of 5. You should try it.

This is my review of these all games.

It is a great initiative by Fire-Boltt to introduce casual games on its smartwatches. I wish the company brings more games to the watches. You should try all these games, and share your experience.