Fire-Boltt Terminator Review: Only Hype

The first time I picked up Fire-boltt Terminator, I thought oh now this is the first time in Fire-Boltt’s history I am getting the same smartwatch. It has the same design, same display, same color, and same straps too. But wait, I am wrong. For just 2000 rupees, Fire-boltt has cool new features to offer. It has a 1.99-inch display. Pretty huge ha.

If you compare it with other watches, then yes, it is a large display, but what you don’t know is it has the same 50mm case. To make it possible, they have narrowed bezels, and now you can see a bezel-less display.

The smartwatch is quite big for smaller hands like mine, but if you have big wrists, then it is suitable for you.

The big display means more space for content, notifications, alerts, health data, and other vital information.

The only drawback here is its display resolution. To maintain the cost, they have minimized display, so you will not get a sharp display.

You will get a 22mm strap with the watch, and I have to say, you will not be happy with the strap quality. The company has used low-quality material, yaa another cheap technique to cut the cost. By the way, you can replace the strap with another 22mm strap from the market.

1. Calling

I know many users have preferred this smartwatch rather than other watches because of its Bluetooth Calling function. In this price range, you will get a calling function, and that too you can reply using a mic & speaker, or you can use a Bluetooth headset.

Fire-boltt terminator Calling

The sound quality is clear and loud that you can hear it in average traffic.

It allows you to save up to 8 favorite contacts on the watch. You can add these contacts from the official Da Fit app. It also has a Dial pad, Calls history, and Contacts to make a call. When you receive the call, you have to just tap on the green button to pick it up or tap on red to cancel it.

2. Notifications

Fire-Boltt Terminator Notifications

Like calling, it will transfer all the incoming messages and notifications to the watch. You can read the messages or delete them, but unfortunately, you can’t reply to them. To receive app notifications or messages, you have to activate notifications.

Fire-boltt terminator notifications

To enable it, open the Da Fit app, go to the Devices tab, and here open Notifications. Now one by one enable all the apps that you want to receive on your smartwatch.

3. Da Fit app

Fire-Boltt Terminator Da Fit App

The Da Fit app is available in the App Store as well as Play Store. Download it and pair your Fire-Boltt Terminator with it. In the app, you can see connected devices, daily scores, tracking history, watch face section, notification management, call settings, and other settings.

Compared to Noise & Boat, the selection of watch faces in Fire-Boltt is much better. You can find any dial as per your mood and your style. Just download any dial, and it will automatically be set on the watch. You can also apply custom wallpaper or your own image as a watch face.

4. Health Functions

Every user gets a new smartwatch to track their health. The new Fire-Boltt Terminator monitors your health in many ways. It has heart rate, sleep rate, SpO2, menstrual cycle, and breath tracking.

Fire-boltt terminator heart rate tracking

To measure heart rate, first, you have to activate it from the Da Fit app. Open it, go to Devices, scroll down, and choose the ‘Others’ option. Here enable ‘Continuous Heart rate detection’, and choose a specific time.

Fire-boltt terminator sleep tracking

Sleep tracking on the smartwatch is very poor. It is not even close to the results that I have experienced. You can not trust this smartwatch when it comes to sleep quality.

In the same way, you can measure the SpO2 value and Breathing value. For women users, they will not see period tracking on the watch itself. You can enable cycle track from the official app by going to the Devices – Others option. Here, scroll down, and activate the ‘Physiological Cycle Reminder’ option.

You can manually enter cycle days, menstrual days, and other values. It will remind you based on your given values.

5. Exercises

Fire-boltt terminator exercises

Like Boat Storm Pro, it doesn’t offer 700 workout modes. It has enough 120 exercises to perform in your daily routine and achieve your fitness goals.

In outdoor walking & running, you can also collect location data. Yes, the watch has ghost step problems, but apart from that you will get all the steps counted.

At a glance, it comes with running, walking, cycling, yoga, golf, football, climbing, dancing, elliptical, baseball, rowing, skipping, basketball, tennis, and rugby modes.

To start the mode, go to exercises, and tap on it. You can see your exercise history from the app. It will show your records on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It also supports the Google Fit app to transfer your health data to your Google account. It doesn’t support Strava or Apple Health, but it might soon get them.

6. Google Assistant & Siri

Oh, you really thought this smartwatch has Google Assistant, Siri, or Amazon Alexa? No, it doesn’t. it is just a gimmick feature.

What it does is it gets command on your watch and gives output on your smartphone. For example, if you give the command ‘Open Alarm’, then it will open the alarm app on your smartphone, not on your watch.

I know, we need a voice assistant that operates on a smartwatch, not on a smartphone, which already has plenty of options.

7. Games

The iconic Fire-Boltt games are also available on the Terminator. These days every Fire-Boltt watches come with games, and this has three. The Young Bird, Thunder Battleship, and 2048 Game are present on the watch. These are casual games to play in your free time, but due to the little screen, they become challenging.

I can wish you luck to make high score than your friends.

8. Battery

In moderate usage, you can expect 2 to 3 days of battery on a single charge. To extend the battery life, you can activate its Low Power Mode. In this mode, it will turn off calling, vibration, and always-on display as well as reduce brightness. This way, you can get longer battery life to run for a few more hours.

9. Other Functions

Fire-boltt terminator functions

Along with all these features, there are more functions on the smartwatch. It has Shutter, which controls the phone camera. When you open the Shutter app, then it will open the phone’s camera, and when you press the shutter button, then after counting three, it will capture photos.

Then there is the Music Control app. It will let you play next, play previous, increase/decrease sound, and see current media information.

I want to highlight the Flashlight, Stopwatch, Alarm, Calendar, Weather, Water reminder, DND, Find my Phone, and Timer functions.

Overall, in the Rs. 2,500, Fire-Boltt has offered a great watch for first-time users. My only concern with Terminator is its poor screen, poor battery life, and cheap-quality strap. If you are looking for a watch with every feature at a budget-friendly price, then go with Fire-Boltt Terminator.