Redmi Smart Band Review: A compromised version of Mi Band 4

This year Xiaomi & its sister companies are launching lots of fitness bands in various categories. The main focus of the users was on Mi Smart Band 5, however, Huami will be coming with Amazfit Band 5 with more innovative functions. Apart from all these blockbuster trackers, Xiaomi has launched Mi Band 4C in China, the compromised version of Mi Band 4. In the international market, we recognize Mi Band 4C in the name of Redmi Smart Band. To reduce the price, Redmi has left out some features from the fitness tracker.

Last year, the company did the same by launching the Mi Band 3i, in the Indian market without the color screen and some basic functions. Now, I got my hands on the Redmi Smart Band. I will discover all the pros & cons of it. In a glance, the tracker offers a 1.08-inch colored touchscreen, USB-A direct charging support, heart rate monitor, music control, weather, 5 workout modes, 10 days of battery life, and wide varieties of watch faces. Finally, the basic question is why you should buy this band when there are lots of other options available in the market.

I will review, all the features of this tracker, so you could decide whether you want to buy it or leave it for the upcoming bands. In this article, we will go through, its hardware part, best features, battery life, and the other factors.

Redmi Smart Band Review

Design & Build Quality

Redmi Smart Band Review

First, to be true, I don’t like the build quality of the fitness tracker. Compare to Band 4, the main capsule is bigger and design-wise not attractive. The strap quality of the band is much cheaper and it is very bulky. When you try to wear a band, then you will find difficulties. Sometimes, it is so difficult that you have to put a hand on your lap or somewhere to fit the strap properly. I guess, it is early issues, and when you wear the tracker for a long time then you will find it easy.

The new Mi Smart Band 5 comes with magnetic charging, the easy way to charge the band. Unfortunately, Redmi Smart Band has USB-A charging technology. It is not hard as Band 4 to charge it, but not that easy as Band 5. Also, here you have to forcefully remove the charging side of the strap because it is hard to remove.

Redmi Band watch faces

Redmi Smart Band Review

On the band, you will see two default watch faces. It is not the end, you have a huge library to discover and set your favorite watch faces. Right now, the library contains more than 100 watch faces, and some may be on the way with upcoming updates. To download and set new watch faces, go to the Xiaomi Wear app and open the Band display. Now, tap on the Online tab, and find out the best theme. Now, to set the theme on your activity tracker, click on Sync, and then automatically it will set on the main screen.

Interface & Health features

Redmi Smart Band Review

With the price of below Rs. 2,000, Redmi offers, an attractive interface with a pixel density of 454×454. With the default watch face, you will get day, date, time, and step counter on the main screen. The 1.08-inch screen will provide you more information and the watch faces look more clear.

In the health features, you will get heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, step counter, and 5 workout modes. In the sports modes, you get outdoor running, treadmill, cycling, walking, and freestyle. The Mi Band 5 or Fitbit Charge 4 has plenty of workout styles, even though the Redmi Band gives only 5 modes. It doesn’t support automatic workout detection, so manually you have to enable the modes while performing.

We have used HR, sleep & step counter, and all are pretty accurate. The ghost step problem is still on the band, despite that the walking is the best option. It is not the band to measure the advance sleep rate. You can check your sleep every morning from the Xiaomi Wear app. It will not detect the daily nap and the REM sleep data.

Other important functions

Redmi Smart Band Review

The Redmi Band is not only about the health features. It has some other essential functions that you need in daily usage. The Music control, Weather, Find phone, DND, stopwatch, timer, and notification are available on the tracker. The fitness tracker doesn’t support smart notification, however, you can see all the incoming notifications and messages. Unlike Mi Band 4, you can see the sender’s name and the app icon. Still, you can only read the message, but you can’t reply or delete it. It automatically disappears when the new message appears.

The Do not disturb option only gives you Turn on & Auto Turn on options. In the Auto turn off, DND mode will automatically activate while you sleep. In the other, Turn on, you can on & off it as per your need. Music control is another essential function on the band. To use it, first, you have to play the song on the paired smartphone. You can play Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, or any other song from your smartphone. Once you play the song, then you can Play, Pause, Play Next, Play Previous the song from the Redmi Band. You can even increase or decrease the volume from the tracker.


Redmi Smart Band Review

When I bought the Redmi Smart Band on September 14, it had a 37% battery. Now on the night of September 15, still it has a 21% battery life. In the two day usage, I have completed more than 24,000 steps count to make achievement, walked more than 16km, and burned more than 500 calories. I also checked HR data, weather information, received notifications, and control music for an hour. The final thought, in normal use, you can still get 10 days of battery life.

Once you go out of the battery, then you can remove the strap and charge it on the USB port. Sometimes, it is very hard to remove the strap, but once you know how to remove it, then it is your regular habit. It packed with a 130mAh battery and the company promises 10 days of battery. In our mixed usage, we find out it is true.

Final thought

When you compare the Redmi Smart Band with Honor Band 5i & Mi Band 3i, then you will get more features. Both of these fitness bands don’t come with a colored display and Redmi offers a colored display. Still, when you go for upper bands like Mi Band 5, Fitbit Charge 4 & Amazfit Band 5, then you will miss some functions. The functions like heart rate sharing, night mode, unlock the laptop, REM sleep, daily nap, lock screen, screen timeout, and event reminders are not the part of Redmi Band.

It is the first tracker from the Redmi to make it separate from the Mi Band series. At this price, the company tried to pack everything it can. If you want to use more advanced functions like REM sleep, period tracker for women, SpO2, Alexa, and other such features, then you can find the other option. If you want the fitness tracker for fitness sessions and some basic features, then you can start with the Redmi Smart Band. You can buy the tracker from, & Mi Store in India.