Top 10 Apps for Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE

The new chapter for Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE has begun and both will carry the legacy of Series 4 & Series 5. Finally, the Series 6 smartwatch launched with sleep tracking blood oxygen saturation features. Apple took some time to introduce these functions, even though its competitors have it for a long time. The first time we will see affordable Apple Watch SE, with some curated features and some opted out. It is Series 3 watch hardware, which was once premium wearable for many users. Now, by cutting of Series 4 & Series 5 from the market, Apple has launched Watch SE.

Now, if you have purchased one of these watches, then the first congratulation for your decision. Both gadgets are quite impressive and offer faster performance. The upgraded A6 chip, WatchOS 7 OS platform, and long-lasting battery, you can use many apps on the watch. The App Store is increasing was faster than before and many new developers in the store launch the best apps in the store. Recently, Google has brought back Google Maps for the Apple Watch. It is the most accurate map so it is important for the users. Also, there are many third-party apps that you should use.

To take most from your Apple Watch, I have listed out the top 10 apps for Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE. In the recent article, for Series 5, I had listed the best 17 apps, so you will see some of those apps here. Due to the popularity of the apps and some are must-have for every wearable, that’s a reason all are listed here.

Best Apple Watch Series 6 apps

1. Google Maps

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

It had launched in 2015 for the Apple Watches, but later, Google removed Google Maps from the store. The reason provided by the company is the poor response from the users and difficulties in maintaining the operation. You can get turn by turn navigation and the information of almost all the places. In the new area or city, you can use Google Maps to find new restaurants, hospitals, schools, colleges, religious places, and other historical places. With accurate navigation, it will guide you to walk or drive with your vehicle to reach the destination.

2. Yelp

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

The Yelp app will help you to find delicious food in your area. It is also quite useful in new cities when you try to find out the quality food that you like and also healthy for your body. Yelp is popular among the food lover who always trying to find the best treats. You will get the restaurant names, their reviews, and also the food reviews. When you roam in the new cities than don’t forget to open the Yelp app on the Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE. To search for food or drink, go to the app and select the category. It is a standalone application and works without an iPhone or iPad.

3. Moodistory Mood Tracker

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

Have you heard of this amazing app Moodistory Mood Tracker? If not, then I recommend you to install it on your Apple Watch. It helps you to track your moods throughout the day and make its history. Don’t get confused, it won’t detect your mood automatically by any sensor. You have to manually enter the value day by day so in the future, you can work on it. When you store lots of amount of data then you can change your mood from down to up. Because no one like your sad face and due to work pressure or other personal reason if you are in bad mood, then you must work on it.

4. Messenger

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

I know we all miss Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp & Instagram apps on our Apple Watch. This year too, Facebook & other companies didn’t bring their native apps on the smartwatch. The only thing good that happened here is the Facebook Messenger app, which continuously receiving your chats on the wrist. It is a native app from Facebook and works on all Apple Watches. You can use emojis and stickers to make an impactful conversation. It is a native app so you can see all the features of the Android or Apple version of the Messenger.

5. Apple Maps

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

Some users prefer google Maps and some find out the best results on Apple Maps. One is one of the oldest platforms and we have used Google Maps since the desktop computers. The other Apple Maps is the latest one that has its benefits. The 3D printing on this map is the innovative side that we have received. Some users also use it because it is made by Apple and they think it is better to use the company’s app for its Apple Watch Series 6 & Watch SE. Whatever your reason, you can use Apple Maps to locate new areas by navigation or GPS locating.

6. XE Currency

Best Apple Watch Series 6 Apps

It is the best app to convert currency into the other currency. Many travelers travel in between countries so they continuously change their home currency into the new currency. The XE currency will tell you how much money is worth in other currencies. In real-time it will give you value, in this way you will get an idea about your money. Note that, the currency rates are depending on the banks and as per their charges. You will get the results of Australian dollars, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Indian Rupees, Japanese Yen & Chinese Yuan.

7. iTranslate

Best Apple Watch SE Apps

It might not be in the first choice of many users, but few people always use apps to translate the languages. On the smartphone, Google Translator or Microsoft Translator is the first choice of users. Now, on the Apple Watch, iTranslate is the best translation app. Give the input in the new language and it will translate it in your native language. It also gets the voice input and also it accepts images and signs. Due to the many complex languages, the app may give you near to correct results. Download the app on Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE wearables.

8. Pandora

Best Apple Watch SE Apps

Day by day this Apple-owned app is getting popularity on the smartwatches. It is not available in all the countries nor it has a huge library compared to Spotify or Google Music. Still, you can listen to the best English & Spanish songs on Pandora. Digg out best songs in motivation, love, sad, romantic, devotional many others. You can also listen to the audio by their genre, album, artist, or the languages. For the more motivation listen to the podcasts. Pandora supports offline music and works without an iPhone.

9. Wallet

Best Apple Watch SE Apps

To store your boarding passes, tickets, and cards you can download and use the Wallet app. It is another Apple app for the watch users and like the iPhone version of the watch you can save and use your Apple Pay kinds of stuff. It is not for storing purposes, you can use the app to pay on a new area. When you travel abroad then you can put your wrist on the transaction point. This way, you can carry your Apple Pay everywhere and pay using it. If you don’t know how to open an account with Apple Pay and whether your bank supports it, then go to the Apple website.

10. Chirp for Twitter

Best Apple Watch SE Apps

Twitter is one of the most downloaded apps and many celebrities use it. Sadly, Twitter is not available in Apple Watch Store and I don’t think anytime soon it will come to smartwatches. Till then, you can use Chirp for Twitter to tweet or to see other tweets. The simple feed or timeline, ability to like, comment and reply are all facilities available in Chirp for Twitter. It also supports hashtags, quotes, and pictures on the app. It is a free app in the App Store and works on both watches.

Apple Watch SE offers fewer functions compared to Series 6 and this is true. You will not get ECG, blood oxygen, and faster processor on Watch SE, though you will get all the apps. The App Store is equal for both models and you can get all the must-have apps in the store. These are the best apps for Apple Watch Series 6 & Apple Watch SE that you should download.