Try These Top Watch Faces on Redmi Smart Band

By introducing Redmi Smart Band in India, the company has given choice to users to choose a perfect band at affordable prices. It is not that pricey compared to Mi Band 4 and not that cheap compared to Mi Band 3i. It is the combination of both and offers some essential features. It is a bigger screen to show most of the information on the display and to show of the band with cool watch faces. Now talking to the watch faces, it is one of those sections that offer great value to money. In the Xiaomi Wear app, you will see plenty of watch faces exclusively made for Redmi Smart Band. When you enter into the Band display then you can download the best suitable theme for the screen.

To make you clear, none of the dials have borrowed from Mi Band 4 or Mi Band 5 library. I think it is the best thing here. Many smartwatches like Apple Watch, Galaxy Watch, Garmin Watch, and many other companies share faces with their other siblings. Redmi is different here, so you can set your favorite theme that the other smart band users don’t have. All the watch faces in Xiaomi Wear app is free to download and I think the company could soon launch paid versions too. All the faces listed as free, that’s why I guess in the future there are chances for paid themes. Bored with your current theme? Here are some best watch faces for Redmi Smart Band you should try.

Best Redmi Band Watch Faces

1. Forest

When I entered into Band display section, my eyes stuck to the Forest watch face. Despite the fact you don’t find many details on the main screen, it provides a fresh look to the Redmi Band. On the main screen, you can view day, date, time, battery percentage, and step counter. The green leaves of the forest trees look amazing and also it is in HD quality. You can synchronize the Forest watch face within a few seconds as it is only 0.25 MB in size.

2. Phantom

Best Redmi Band Watch Faces

The second in our list is Phantom and you can set it for the clean look. On the front screen, you can see day, date, month, time, and the step counter. On the above side, you can see the battery sign with the remaining battery percentage. In the background, you will see the planet image and it doesn’t take much space. The remaining space is in black and the font is neat & clean. It is 0.25 MB in size and takes less than 10 seconds to set on the tracker.

3. Blue & Red

Best Redmi Band Watch Faces

I have listed the Blue & Red dial here due to its one extra function. It is not only a cool watch face but also you can track your heart rate on the main display. As we know, Redmi Band can track heart rate 24/7 and the sensor is pretty accurate. When you see your current HR data on the main screen then you will get the idea about your health. It shows day, date, time, step counter, battery icon & battery percentage. The Blue & Red is available for free & 0.21 MB in size.

4. Retro

Best Redmi Band Watch Faces

In the retro style, I present your Retro theme. It is different than the other and its vintage look gives the band a cool look. It takes all the space on the screen, still, it manages to show everything on the display. Yes, it also has heart rate monitoring and step counter on the below side of the band. On the upper side, you can see the time, day, date, and battery-related information. The green-colored watch face Retro is only 0.12 MB in size.

5. Snowflake

Best Redmi Band Watch Faces

It doesn’t produce too many colors, hence the battery results could be better. I haven’t checked battery life after the launch of Snowflake, but you can check it. The snowflake it simple in the picture and only shows a step counter. You will not get heart rate data, but all the other information is visible. The snowflake has designed very well and it glorifies the Redmi Smart Band. It is 0.13MB in size and doesn’t take too much time to load.