Earning with YouTube Becomes Easy with New Monetization Rules

YouTube Partner Program

Google has changed its YouTube monetization requirements for the first time in the last few years. In the new rules, creators now need only 500 subscribers and 3000 hours of watch time to apply for YouTube Partner Program. It is a welcome move by Google, and it will make small creators happy. For YouTube Shorts, creators now need only 3 million views in 90 days along with 500 subscribers. It may not affect big players, but surely give more confidence to small YouTubers.

Previously, users have to gain 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months. For Shorts, the criteria were valid 10 million views in the last 90 days. For many creators, it was a major obstacle in their YouTube journey as they have to fulfill all the rules in a given time. It is easy for some topics to go viral and complete the process, but some topics need time to go viral in a short period. If you are new to the platform, then you may relate to it.

YouTube Monetization Rules

Once you apply for YouTube Partner Program, then you can unlock all the sources of monetization. It includes all types of ads and fan funding like Memberships, Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Super Thanks. You can also promote products through YouTube Shopping.

As for now, the new rules are applicable in the US, Canada, South Korea, and Taiwan. We know it will not stop there, and the new requirements will apply in all the major countries including India. Are you on YouTube, and how it will motivate you in your journey? Tell us below.