Best Fitness Apps for TicWatch Pro 3 & Pro 3 Ultra

Having a Wear OS smartwatch guarantees you to use of quality apps for the tiny smartwatches. The Play Store library on wearables included thousands of essential, entertainment, fitness, and utility apps. The Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 & TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra are new-gen devices in the Wear OS army. These are the only gadgets to have powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset. It is a chipset of its kind to smoothly run any premium smartwatches. The new chipset also affects on faster app opening, slow battery burn, and smooth performance.

In the last article, I covered the best apps for TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra. Now, in the new article, I will guide you to choose the best fitness apps. As I said earlier, Google’s Wear OS comes with thousands of apps, and the fitness section is one of them. Like every company, Mobvoi has its health functions like TicBreathe, TicSleep, TicHealth, and many others. Like that, Google has a Google Fit app dedicated to health-centric users. Apart from that, the wide Play Store library is always open to download any fitness apps. Here are such best fitness apps for TicWatch Pro 3 & TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra.

Fitness Apps for TicWatch Pro 3

1. 7-Minute Workout

Best Ticwatch Fitness Apps

I start with the easy 7-Minute Workout app. It sounds easy to say you will lose your weight or body fats by doing seven minutes of workout. Though it looks impossible to lose weight in a given minute, the developers of the app are confident about it. You can perform any workouts or exercises given in the app, and do it anywhere. It doesn’t require any pieces of equipment and any specific places. You can choose exercises from 200 with guidance and support from community members. Install the app, start seven minutes workouts, and find results yourself.

Download: 7-Minutes Workout

2. Cardiogram

Best Ticwatch Fitness Apps

All the smartwatches and fitness trackers come with one common feature: heart rate. Yes, it is an essential function on any device to measure your heartbeats. Not all devices could be true to show the results, but most of them are accurate. The cardiogram app makes it easy to understand heart rate and work on it. It guides you through sleep, stress, heart rate & health in an easy chart. You can read all your chart in history, and perform 30-minute workouts. With thousands of users, it is highly recommended to use the app.

Download: Cardiogram

3. RunKeeper

Best Ticwatch Fitness Apps

The motivating app to keep you out of the door. It will guide you in running to manage your weight by giving you different challenges. The RunKeeper has different audio clips to make you energetic while running. It shows time, pace, route, distance, and time. You can put your smartphone at home and discover new routes with GPS. It is easy to find new routes and save them for a later exercise. In the Stopwatch mode, you can perform all the activities from one place.

Download: Runkeeper

4. Norbu

Best Ticwatch Fitness Apps

The main aim of the Stress Control Norbu is to control the user’s stress and give him relief. The stress & breathing function is not new to the TicWatch pro 3 series or TicWatch E3 wearables. The pre-installed feature only gives inhale & exhale tasks to minimize stress levels. This stress-related app gives you different tasks to perform and games to play. With regular meditations & 5-day challenge, anyone can achieve calmness. The Stress Control Norbu app has sleep meditation for deep sleep.

Download: Stress Control Nobu

5. Lifesum

Best Ticwatch Fitness Apps

Another well-recognized app in the Play Store is the Lifesum health tracker. It included with calorie counter, food diary, meal plans, food recipes, and nutrition tracker. It tells you what to eat, and what you should avoid. It also suggests different sugar-free diets and non-veg-free diets. If you are vegetarian, then it has various veg food recipes. Like any health app, Lifesum will help you to gain weight or lose it. Follow the app instructions for weeks, and see the results.

Download: Lifesum

In the other famous apps, you can install Strava, Nike Running, Adidas running, Google Fit, and many other apps. It is on you to choose the best TicWatch Pro 3 series & TicWatch E3.