15 Best Fitness Apps for Wear OS

Fitness apps are now changing their ways from smartphones to smartwatches & fitness trackers. Before few years, we have too many health apps in Play Store & App Store to keep our body in perfect shape with healthy routines. The main drawback was that it was sometimes very difficult to carry smartphones while running or doing other outdoor activities. This has changed after the launch of affordable smartwatches & fitness trackers. The wearable gadgets are so easy to carry & handle that now everyone is using them.

Recently, Google has announced it will buy Fitbit company to make Powered by Google smartwatches, trackers & other wearables. At the start of this year, Google has already invested $40 million in Fossil Group to make Hybrid watches. We may see Fitbit Versa, Fitbit Charge and Fossil series wearables on Wear OS next year. Now in the market Fossil & Mobvoi is launching Android smartwatches.

After the launch of Android Wear OS, many big names from the health industry have introduced their fitness apps on Wear OS smartwatches. The big players Nike, Strava, Tidal & Under Armour are few names to mention here. If you have just bought a new Wear OS smartwatch and curious about the best fitness apps then I will guide you. The mentioned apps are perfectly supported on Huawei Watch 2, Huawei Watch 2 Pro, Fossil Vivosmart 4, Fossil Forerunner, Mobvoi Ticwatch C3 & Pro and other Android wearables.

Here is list of top 15 best fitness apps for Android Wear smartwatches.

1. Strava

Best Fitness Apps

Strava app lets you track multiple exercises such as running track, cycling speed swim pace, elevation gained, track distance and various others. With the help of stat provided by the app, you can also analyze your training pattern. Strava allows you to map your run as well as enter into competition with daily and monthly challenges. Once you set your fitness challenges you can get customizable training plans according to your challenges. The Strava also works with Samsung’s Tizen smartwatches & Apple’s Series 3 & 4 watches.

2. Runtastic

This app provides an excellent platform to track your running activities and provides you the quality guidance on your Android wear OS smartwatch. Whether you want to track your running activity, fitness activity, track distance, time, speed, elevation, and calories burned the app provides the stat with high accuracy. Runtastic provides you feedback from voice coaches and monitors your running patterns to analyze your training patterns. This app is fully optimized for Android wear OS.

3. Lifesum

If you are aware of your health and diet patterns, here is this app to guide you for that purpose. Lifesum provides an innovative platform that assists you in setting and tracking your weight loss goals as well as offers diet plans, food diary, calorie counter, and healthy recipes. The app has a wholesome approach towards health and provides an incredible nutrition strategy to reach your health goals conveniently.

4. Keep Trainer

Keep perform as your personal training coach and let you perform workout from home without the need for any equipment. As the app supports more than 400 exercises with an in-depth description for every exercise and lets you track them from your wrist. This app has personalized training plans to achieve your fitness goals and offers video guidance programs from fitness trainers. Set your fitness goals and perform workout conveniently from anywhere and anytime as well as save your money and precious time.

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5. Map My Run

As the name of the app makes it clear, it is designed to help you to track running tracks, route, distance and pace with the help of GPS. As the app provides all stat on your wrist and provides you the feedback to enhance your performance. The app shows you a map and great visualization for better tracking activities. You can track more than 600 activities such as running, cycling, walking, workouts, and yoga, etc. with this app.

6. Nike Run Club

Android Wear Fitness Apps

If you are determined to optimize your running performance, this app will act as your perfect partner and provides you whole guidance at your Android wear OS watch. The app has several incredible features like GPS run tracking, Audio-guided runs and customized coaching plans. Nike Run Club provides you with non-stop motivation to reach your goals. You can also set your monthly goals and compete with your friends.

7. Endomondo

Best Fitness Apps Android Wear

Endomondo is the personal fitness training app that lets you get optimum from your daily runs, walks, rides and other workouts. As you set your fitness goals, the app provides you the perfect training directly from your wrist. It tracks your workouts with the help of GPS, analyzes your stat and guides you to achieve your targets. In the workout summary the app displays important stats related to time, distance, speed, calories burned and provide you the feedback for every activity.

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8. My Run Tracker

As running activity is one of the important aspects of your fitness plan, this app lets you monitor your activity with its personalized guidance programs. My Run Tracker allows you to track your training with the help of GPS and provides the stat related to a number of steps you run, distance covered and calories burned. You can set your running goals and monitor your progress in detail directly from your wrist with this app.

9. Google Fit

Fitness Apps Android Wear

This fitness-oriented app has a wholesome approach towards your health and enables you to stay healthy and more active. As this is designed to make you more active it has added two new dimensions such as move minutes and heart points to help you improve your health. Google Fit lets you track your workouts from your wrist and monitor your progress according to your daily goals. It offers you customized training programs to reach your health goals and makes your all movements count.

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10. Runkeeper

Runkeeper is another best option to track your fitness activities and monitor your progress from your Android Wear OS watch. It provides a simple way to track your runs, walks, pace, distance and chart weight loss through the GPS. While performing the exercise the app provides you the audio updates about your activities. You can also track your heart rate by syncing the polar heart rate monitor. It provides you all the stat related to your activity at your wrist.

11. MyFitnessPal

Android Wear Fitness Apps

MyFitnessPal tracks your calories and provides you the best-personalized nutrition plan to lose or gain your weight. It has the largest food database and enables you to make healthier food choices from among the items. It is the best calorie counter as well as tracks all other nutrients such as calories, fiber, cholesterol, vitamin and more from your food intake. The app lets you set your fitness goal and guide with its superior nutrition program.

12. Cardiograph

If you are aware of the health of your heart then switch to this app and track all your heart-related stat directly from your wrist. The app lets you measure your heart rate and analyze your heart rate through high accuracy. You can also measure your pulse using the heart rate sensor in your smartwatch. All the stat is saved to your personal history for your further convenience.

13. Weight Loss Fitness

This is the dedicated fitness app that assists you to lose your weight with its personalized fitness workout plans. It will let you stay fit and make your workout routine effective and enjoyable with the home workouts plan. Weight Loss Fitness has personalized training plans that help you to lose belly fat, get six packs abs, leg workouts, and other workouts. It provides more than 70 fitness exercises and provides audio and video guidance for your training.

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14. Six Packs In 30 Days

If you prefer to perform the exercise from home, here is the app that provides you the perfect guidance. This app includes diet plans, live audio coach, animated visuals, in-built music, and other gender-specific features. You have to spend just a few minutes a day for 30 days with the app and perform workout to get effective results. Six Pack In 30 Days also provides video guidance for your workouts and acts as a personal trainer. You can track your daily progress through your wrist.

15. Water Drink Reminder

Do you drink enough water daily? As water intake decides the health of your skin and lets you stay fit. If you feel inconsistency in your daily water intake then switch to this incredible app and track your water intake from your wrist. This app will remind you of the water you need to drink in the whole day and provides the customized starting and ending time to drink water within a day. Once you switch to this app you will get a reminder for adequate water intake in your busy schedule.

Want to suggest more fitness apps in this list, then feel free to drop your comment. These are the highly recommended & some are Editor’s Choice fitness apps for Android Wear smartwatches. Download the app and start your fitness goals right away.