Samsung Walkie Talkie App Launched for Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung has finally launched its official Walkie Talkie app for the new Galaxy smartwatches. Currently, the app supports on new Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic. Samsung was planning to introduce it while launching fourth-gen watches, though delayed it. With the app, you can communicate with your friends on different channels, and send them short voice messages. To communicate with another person first, you have to send them an invitation with the Invite button, and later, send them a voice message whenever you want.

The app will also let you join any public channels in the range. If you know any public channel, then you can send a message. If any person is on the same channel, then he might respond to you. The Samsung Walkie Talkie also brings all your friends together to chat on a special channel. To send the voice talk, just tap & hold the button on the main screen, and it will send to the other person. Also, in the group chat, you should ask permission to speak to avoid chaos.

Samsung Walkie Talkie App

Apple was the first company to bring the official Walkie Talkie app on its smartwatches. Later, we can see third-party apps on the Wear OS smartwatches. Also, third-party apps in the Galaxy Store for Galaxy Watch 3 & previous models. With the Galaxy Watch 4 & 4 Classic, Samsung has come with its own walkie-talkie for the users.

Samsung Walkie Talkie app

The Walkie Talkie is available to install in the Play Store for the new Wear OS-based smartwatches. It has been spotted in the home country of Samsung, which will soon be available in other countries.

Edit: As we checked in Android Play Store outside South Korea, the app is now supporting on both Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 4 Classic. Here is the Play Store link to download the WalkieTalkie app.

Download: Play Store