Games to First Play on Xiaomi 13 Pro

Xiaomi means affordable phones with limited performance! Xiaomi means cheap quality phones with a poor Android experience! It was in minds of people for years when we talk about Xiaomi. Since then, various changes have happened at this Chinese company, and now we can see top-notch features in the new phones. Xiaomi 12 Pro was the start of it, and this year, Xiaomi 13 Pro will expand this experience. The collaboration with Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset is also here to enhance your gaming experience.

The new chipset is capable to handle console-quality games, and soon you can see such games on this phone. The best example of this is the new Wreckfest racing game, which has recently launched in the Play Store. As per the company official, only the new 8 Gen 2 is capable to handle such a heavy game on your Android device. Let’s see some best games for Xiaomi 13 Pro.

1. Wreckfest

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

For your new phone, Wreckfest is a good start. It will give you a vintage feeling with lots of customization and levels. All the cars inside it have been chosen from the old car collection. Further, you can witness console-like physical buttons on the screen. You have to pay it once, and later it will not ask you for any money. Participate in challenges, destroy opponent’s vehicles, and choose different modes, and challenges. It is available for $9.99 inside the store.

Download: Wreckfest

2. Free Fire

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

It is the rival app to PUBG, Call of Duty Mobile, and Fortnite. It is a multiplayer game with lots of challenges and fun. In a challenging environment, you have to land on a remote island and survive there. Now you might have guessed it. Yes, there are opponents with one goal, and that is to kill your character. Use all the skills, make alliances, use weapons, and survive for the given duration. With the new powerful processor, your phone will handle it for hours.

Note: The game is not available in India. Indian users can choose Free Fire Max from Play Store.

Download: Free Fire

3. FRAG Pro Shooter

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

Another thrilling game in the store awaits you to taste your gaming skills. The FRAG Pro Shooter is a PvP hero game and somehow gives the same thrill as PUBG. You can participate in 1v1 battles with online users across the world. To win the battle, it offers more than 100 weapons, and some of them you can unlock with real money. The graphics and visual of FRAG Pro Shooter is not that great but shines everywhere. You can create your own strategy, and choose custom characters.

Download: FRAG Pro Shooter

4. The House of Da Vinci 3

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

Welcome back to one of the best puzzle solvers. Play as Leonardo Da Vinci 3, which is an expert in science and puzzle-solving methods. If you are watched original movies and read books, then you will be familiar with them. It is the final chapter in the trilogy saga, and the grand finale will not disappoint you. Solve difficult puzzles, find out whose behind mysteries, and travel back to the past & future. The House of Da Vinci series is costly, though it is worth that price.

Download: The House of Da Vinci 3

5. Lumino City

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

The Lumino City is quite old in the Play Store. It was launched eight years ago in 2015, with a hand-crafted environment. It is like what you have seen in bastion a few years back. Don’t be surprised when I say, it has won the best British Game award for its excellent story-telling and twists. The grandfather of the main character has been kidnaped, and now plays a cute little granddaughter to find him. Explore the new world, take help, solve puzzles, and reach the mystery end.

Download: Lumino City

6. Cover Fire

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

If you have done playing Modern Combat & Modern Ops, then turn your money to Cover Fire: Offline Shooting. It is one of the trending action sniper games with a new world. Become a sniper, destroy enemies, and zombies, make tactics, use weapons, and win battles. The stunning visuals, graphics, and music will let you play for a long time. It is a free game to install, and you can only spend money when you need it.

Download: Cover Fire

7. GREED Autosport

Best Xiaomi 13 Pro Games

I have recommended GREED Autosport to Galaxy S23 series users, and I will say the same to you. First, play it on the new Xiaomi 13 Pro, and later came to me. It is an AAA title and has 100 cars and 100 circuits. You can play it offline, and you have to purchase it one time. Play in different models, and levels, customize cars, race with others, and have fun on the track. With the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, you can unlock all the details.

Download: GREED Autosport

The new Xiaomi 13 Pro supports each game in the Play Store. I have listed these with the best games that you can try for the next few weeks or months.